04 May 2010

Tuesday already.

Sunday Mass at St Mary Magdalene Bexhill was a complete battery recharger. Fr Bruno preached subtly on how facing east at Mass is facing Christ, and if all aren't facing Christ, where and what is the focus?
The silences at Mass were wonderful. Many thanks to Fr Bruno.


pelerin said...

Am so pleased you were able to attend the Bexhill Mass. I met Fr Bruno's mother last year when she came to give a talk at a club I belong to, and was able to thank her for giving our diocese another Priest.

david said...

Annie so glad the Bexhill mass was such a fillip but then this is what it used to be like every day until the barberians had their way.Sorry if this sounds strong but the truth has to be told.It will be Fr.Hurley at the Missa Cantata at OLOC next sunday.

Laura said...

How lovely. Didn't get back till 4am, so no hope of being there - but thought of you.