31 December 2014

I'm not renowned for celebrating...

...New Year; in fact I save up all my bah-humbugs for it. We have a Catholic new year at the beginning of the liturgical year, and another one, for me, at the Resurrection. We also have one at the beginning of September when school starts again. And then there's the tax year. So, forgive me, but I just haven't got the energy for 1st January. However, I will wish you, for the morrow,

A Happy Feast Of The Circumcision!

And to celebrate, here is a fun Saint's Name Generator to help you find a brand new saint for 2015! You can have one for each member of your family. I do.

29 December 2014

The Season of Christmas

Apologies for not putting up a seasonal pic before now, but I have been busy, busy, busy. Anyway, I'm still wishing everyone I see a Happy Christmas, and shall continue to do so until it is no longer seasonally appropriate. So :

13 December 2014

See post of 1 December, for updates of updates of upcoming Masses

Veiling, dear to my heart, closer to my head, and perennially vexing to some chapettes who just don't get it.

I'd like to draw your attention, if it hasn't already been drawn, to the  FIUV paper on veiling on Rorate Caeli, and the Chairman's post on his blog.

I am the only veiler when I attend the NO Mass in my parish church, although I have been now for ooh, feels like ever so long, I still get the funny looks from ladies who really should have got over it by now. Like their tutting is going to make me stop. I'm not sure they would agree to disagree with me even if given the rather fine explanation of the why and wherefore found in the links above. But I am glad they are available to point anyone towards, should anyone move beyond the filthy/pitying/confused look, to ask why I am so repressed and retro...that is, if they don't ask hubby first, given I am so repressed and retro.

01 December 2014

Updates of Updates

Happy Advent to One and All!

Our Lady of Consolation, W Grinstead, Missa Cantata,  3.00 pm, 14 December 
                                                                     Low Mass, 210.30 am, 6 December
                                                                     Low Mass, 3.00 pm, 11 January 

St Mary Magdalen, Brighton: Sung Mass at 9.00 am on Christmas Day

St Pancras, Lewes,  Low Mass, 12.30 pm, Christmas Day
                                      Low Mass, 10.00 am 27 December
                                      Low Mass, 10.00 am 3 January
                                      Low Mass, 12.30 pm 4 January
                                      Low Mass, 7.00 pm 6 January, Feast of the Epiphany

St Thomas More, Seaford, CANCELLATION There will be NO MASS in December. The next will be on 18 January, 3.00 pm.


Our Lady Immaculate and St Philip Neri, Uckfield, Low Mass on 25th January at 3.00 pm

And a date for the diary, on Monday, 2 March, Day of Recollection, Mass at 11.00 am, followed by a talk, shared lunch, Rosary and Benediction, ending about 3.30 pm.

Regular 4th Sunday Masses will also be coming soon to Uckfield, watch this space for times and further dates.

N.B. All Christmas Mass times will appear first as a post here when I receive them, and will be posted on the sidebar, so if you can't find the main post, look down the listings on the sidebar.