30 December 2010

Masses this New Year weekend

From Dominic in Horsham:

"This coming Saturday evening (1st January) there will be Low Mass in the Extraordinary Form at St.John's Church, Albion Way, Horsham at 6pm. The celebrant and preacher will be Fr.Philip Cleevely C.O. of the Birmingham Oratory who will preach on the life and relevance of Bl.John Henry Newman. The Mass will be the first Mass of Sunday for the Feast of The Holy Name."

There will also be Mass at St Pancras, Lewes, this Sunday, 2nd January, at 12.30pm.

Please do look at the sidebar for regular Masses in A&B

09 December 2010

News from St Richard's, Chichester...

...where about fifty parishioners braved the freezing weather to assist at the Extraordinary Form Mass for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

The Mass was celebrated by Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith.

It is so encouraging to see that people are interested in the EF, in spite of sustained propaganda and disinformation to the contrary (and of which I am not at liberty to speak, nuff said) in some quarters.

Many thanks to Fr Alexander, and to Fr Kieron, the parish priest.

And please, do send in any news about Masses in your area, and I'll put the news up here on the blog.

01 December 2010

Mass cancellation

Mass for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception at St Mary Magdalen Brighton is cancelled. Please see Fr Ray's blog and commiserate!

It really is quite chilly.