23 August 2012

Normal service will resume shortly

But before it does, I must quickly mention a meet up, or should that be blognic for deux, which happened on the Sunshine Coast yesterday.  Mulier Fortis and I met for Mass, lunch, and much Traditional conversation, and I was privileged to become acquainted with a pair of slippers. The Yorkies were incredibly sweet, and didn't nip. (They were much better behaved than my great aunt's miniature poodles used to be, and they did nip). My own dog seemed the size of Godzilla  when I returned home.
Other news: We shall be off to Walsingham at the weekend for the LMS Pilgrimage. Yay!
No, silly, I'm not walking all the way. I'm allergic to tents and if it hasn't got an en suite, I don't go. To thine own self be true, and all that. But we will be at the Mass on Sunday, DV!
I am taking the camera, so pictures should be forthcoming. If I remember the battery charger.