28 June 2010

Disgusted, East A&B

I don't know how many of you have been following the CES shenanigans over Catholic sex education here, but things in Belgium are mighty unsavoury as Fr Ray Blake  and Fr Tim Finigan point out.

There's little more absolutely disgusting than sanctioned classroom grooming under the guise of 'education'.

Fr Tim Finigan has this to say:

If challenged by the Government or the Inspectorate over the content of such pro-life and pro-family programmes, we could, for once, take the initiative, point to the example of Belgium, and insist that we are learning lessons from there about the effective safeguarding of children. A strong condemnation of the Channel 4 programme, with explicit examples, would restore some balance by calling the secularists to account for inflicting such material on innocent children. At the same time the Church would do a service to non-Catholic parents by alerting them to the danger posed to their sons and daughters.

So please, see John Smeaton's blog for what you can do to try and halt this assault on children in this country.

26 June 2010

Extraordinary Form Mass in Horsham from September

This from Fr Terry Martin's parish newsletter:

Monthly Mass in the Extraordinary Form at St John's

Following a request from a group of local Catholics, there will be monthly Mass in the Extraordinary Form at St John's, on the first Saturday of each month at 6pm, between now and Easter. As I'm sure you know, the Extraordinary Form Mass is a Latin Tridentine Mass and visiting priests will be coming to celebrate this Mass for the group who attend. Parishioners are, of course, encouraged to attend if they so wish. I am delighted at this development and happy to be able to help in this way.

Fr Terry

Visit our parish blog on
and leave a comment.
01403 253667


Here's a map and directions and Masses start in September.

Isn't this great news?

24 June 2010

More good news, Masses at St Pancras, Lewes

A reminder that there will be a Low Mass on Sunday, 4th July at 12.30pm at St Pancras, Irelands Lane, Lewes, BN7 1QX .

There will also be Low Mass on Sunday 15th August at 12.30pm and on Sunday, 5th September, at 5pm.

Hopefully, regular Low Masses on the first Sunday at 12.30pm will follow.

22 June 2010

Anyone fancy the Ely to Walsingham Pilgrimage?

Paul Smeaton writes:
Dear Friends,

With the help of Joseph Shaw and the Latin Mass Society I have been organising a pilgrimage from Ely to Walsingham over from Friday 20th August to Sunday 22nd August.

The pilgrimage has been inspired by the traditional pilgrimage which takes place each Pentecost from Paris to Chartres and will follow a similar three day model.

As this is the first time we have attempted anything like this in England, as well as a spiritual journey, this will no doubt be something of a learning experience. For that reason we are limiting this year's pilgrimage to thirty pilgrims and adults only.

We hope that this will be the start of great things.That being said we expect that this year will be a rich and beautiful expression of the treasure's of our Church. We are blessed to have a priest walking the entire pilgrimage with us and there will be sung Mass in the traditional form each day: in Downham Market on Friday evening, in the chapel at Oxburgh Hall on the Saturday and in Walsingham on Sunday. We would love for you to join us.

What do you need to know?

- Pilgrims will meet at Ely campsite on the evening of Thursday 19th August. All pilgrims must have a tent to stay in. We will begin walking early on Friday morning.

- Pilgrims will be required to bring their own food. Water will be provided at regular intervals.

- There will be a bus that will take your main bag with tent etc in each day. Pilgrims are advised to bring a day bag to carry food, water etc.

- The final Sunday Mass will take place in Walsingham at 2.30pm on Sunday 22nd August. Following the Mass a coach will be available to bring pilgrims back to Ely.

- Should pilgrims be unable to walk for whatever reason there will be some vehichle support. However, as this first pilgrimage we are trying to minimise potential problems and ask that pilgrims wishing to come this year be confident walkers without any major health difficulties.

- Pilgrims will be asked to help cover the costs of the pilgrimage and pay for the camping facilities. The total cost of each pilgrim £60. We ask that pilgrims please pay what they can afford.

Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me on paulsmeaton@hotmail.co.uk

In Christ,


Thanks to Madeleine for passing this on.

21 June 2010

Random thoughts

I was wondering the other day about just how much exactly  Catholics have lost over the past x-number of years.  I'm coming at this from the point of view of someone who has stumbled across bits and pieces (considered by some people to be a bit of an irrelevance, or old fashioned) and had to find out about the Faith rather than having it expounded and explained.

So, apart from things like loss of reverence for the Blessed Sacrament, absence of silence in church, music that you've outgrown by the time you've left infant school, and the focus of Mass very often being on us rather then Him, what devotions do you think could be brought back that would show people the richness of the heritage it's almost embarrassing to talk about?

What would you like to do in your own parishes - apart from the Latin Mass - that could interest the post V2 generation for whom it might be a bit confusing? 

Saturday 26th June

there will be no Mass at Shoreham, as Fr Sean is away.

Yesterday at St Thomas More...

Fr Bruno celebrated a Low Mass in Seaford and preached once again on a topic that I had never heard mentioned before: the importance of praying for a good death. It was a great homily. Thanks to Fr Bruno. Special thanks to Fr Niven, the parish priest of St Thomas More.

There was also time for a chat in the hall afterwards, over a cup of tea, and it was nice to see everyone. I'll have to remember the camera next time and take some pictures of the inside of the church, which has some lovely glass, and unusually, also a lovely view of the trees outside.

Hope to see you there next time.

18 June 2010

15 June 2010

Christian persecution

We think we've got it bad. Please take a trip to the Transalpine Redemptorists, click, sign, and pray.

14 June 2010

A real boost!

Letter to Dr Joseph Shaw, Chairman of the Latin Mass Society, from Mgr Guido Pozzo, Secretary of the Pontifical Commission ‘Ecclesia Dei’, received after the successful conclusion of the LMS’s residential conference at Ushaw College, Durham (12-16 April 2010) to train priests in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite

Pontificia Commisio ‘Ecclesia Dei’

The Vatican, 27 May 2010


My dear Dr Shaw,

The report of an interesting study week on the ‘extraordinary form’ of the Roman Rite, organised by the Latin Mass Society (12-16th April 2010) for the formation of priests in this most venerable rite of the Roman Church, has come to the notice of this Pontifical Commission.

While thanking you for the communication, I congratulate the organisers most heartily for such an opportune and necessary initiative, and I urge you to persevere in this path, always in full communion with the Apostolic See and in humble obedience to the Supreme Pontiff.

I take this opportunity to extend to you my sincere good wishes, invoking the blessing of the holy Apostles Peter and Paul on your apostolate.

Mons. Guido Pozzo


More on abortion advertising

In a previous post I encouraged you all to write to your MP deploring the advertisement on Channel 4 paid for by the abortion *charity* Marie Stopes. John Smeaton reports that 99.84% of the messages received by the government were against the ads. The battle isn't over though, so please, make a noise, contact your MP.

Not content however with marketing abortions here, Marie Stopes has set its sights on the largest abortion market in the world, China, where doubtless the potential for profits in helping a government control individual fertility is just huge. You can't tell me that they're going there to fight for a woman's right to choose. Women barely have the right to reproduce at all. Make a noise, contact your MP!

Something (else) that sets my teeth on edge and makes me cringe.

Yes, it's clapping in church. I always feel like real partypooper when I stand with my hands resolutely clasped together, but somehow I just can't bring myself to do it. So when I looked at Fr Z's blog this morning...well. Have a look for yourselves!

This coming Sunday, 20th June at 3.00pm

Mass at St Thomas More, Seaford, celebrant is Fr Bruno Witchalls.
Masses will be on the third Sunday of the month thereafter.

Hope to see lots of you there.

Our Lady of Consolation yesterday

Mass was said yesterday by Fr Bruno, who preached on the great gift of Our Lady's Immaculate Conception. As so often with homilies I hear when assisting at an EF, I'm always astounded -and so grateful- when Catholic doctrine is so unapologetically expounded, and rejoiced in, and I'm not alone! Thank you, Fr Bruno.

There was a very optimistic atmosphere over the tea afterwards,where of course the sun shone down on us, and lots of talking was done by all.

11 June 2010

At Our Lady Of Ransom, Eastbourne...

...the Mass on Wednesday, 14th July will be at 10.00am, the celebrant will be Fr Lucie-Smith.

10 June 2010

Another reminder!

10 June 2010


LMS Residential Training Conference for Priests Wishing to Learn the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite (Traditional Latin Mass) at Downside Abbey, Somerset.

The Latin Mass Society of England and Wales (LMS) is organising a residential training conference for priests wishing to learn the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite (Traditional Latin Mass) at Downside Abbey, one of England’s most prestigious monasteries.

The conference will run from Tuesday 10 to Friday 13 August 2010 and will feature Traditional liturgies in Downside’s beautiful chapel together with a Gregorian Chant schola and polyphonic choir.

Expert tuition in the celebration of Mass in the Usus Antiquior will be provided on a small group basis. There will be tuition in Low Mass, Missa Cantata and Missa Solemnis and there will be streams for beginners and more advanced students. Tuition will also be given in the other sacraments and in Latin.

There will be opening and closing High Masses, daily Mass, Offices and Rosary. There will also be a closing Conference dinner with guest speaker.

The subsidised fee to participants is only £115.00 which includes all accommodation, meals and training materials. There are limited places and priests are asked to register as soon as possible.

Further details and registration forms can be obtained from the LMS office (Tel: 020 7404 7284, e mail: info@latin-mass-society.org) or from the conference organiser, Mr Paul Waddington (Tel: 01757 638027, e mail: paul@gooleboathouse.co.uk).

Running alongside the training for priests, the Society of St Tarcisius (the LMS’s newly-formed sodality for Traditional altar servers) will organise a residential training course for servers and MCs. Further details can be obtained as above.

Paul Waddington said, “This is the sixth training conference the LMS has organised and we are delighted to be going to Downside Abbey. The Pontifical Commission ‘Ecclesia Dei’ has recently praised our work which makes us more determined than ever to provide training to every priest in England and Wales who seeks to learn the Usus Antiquior.”

Latin Mass Society, 11-13 Macklin Street, London WC2B 5NH

Tel: 020 7404 7284

E mail: info@latin-mass-society.org

Website: latin-mass-society.org

For further information, please contact John Medlin, General Manager, or James Murphy, LMS Office Manager, on (T) 020 7404 7284;

(F) 020 7831 5585; (E mail) info@latin-mass-society.org

A few reminders

Please spread the word about the upcoming Masses at:

St Thomas More Seaford,  at 3.00pm 20th June and third Sundays thereafter


St Pancras Lewes, on 4th July at 12.30

There is also the possibility of an EF Mass at Our Lady of Ransom, Eastbourne, on the morning of Wednesday 14th July. More nearer the time.

And this Sunday at Our Lady Of Consolation, Fr Bruno will be celebrating Mass.

The Dowry , the FSSP's magazine, is out now, please follow the links and have a read.

Also, this coming weekend:

'Saturday 12th June 2010, 3pm, Polyphonic Mass of thanksgiving for the Year for Priests at St James's Church, Spanish Place, 22 George Street, London W1U 3QY - kindly welcomed by Parish Priest Fr Christopher Colven - newly ordained British priest Fr Simon Harkins, FSSP will offer his first Solemn High Mass in England (in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman rite).On this occasion, the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter (i.e. FSSP) is pleased to invite you to pray in thanksgiving for the graces granted by God during the last 12 months of the Year for Priests in response to the many prayers offered for the sanctification of priests and for priestly vocations worldwide and in Great Britain in particular.
Clergy: choir dress.
Music: Tomas Luis de Victoria s Missa Simile est regnum coelorum and his Gaude Virgo Maria motet.

After Mass, Fr Harkins will give individual First blessings.

Refreshments will follow. '

Thanks to Madeleine for alerting me to this so I could tell all of you!

Finally, prayers please for Fr Goddard in West Grinstead, who's not well.


                                                                      I think that's it for the moment !