21 June 2010

Yesterday at St Thomas More...

Fr Bruno celebrated a Low Mass in Seaford and preached once again on a topic that I had never heard mentioned before: the importance of praying for a good death. It was a great homily. Thanks to Fr Bruno. Special thanks to Fr Niven, the parish priest of St Thomas More.

There was also time for a chat in the hall afterwards, over a cup of tea, and it was nice to see everyone. I'll have to remember the camera next time and take some pictures of the inside of the church, which has some lovely glass, and unusually, also a lovely view of the trees outside.

Hope to see you there next time.


david said...

Yes Annie I agree 100% and indeed special thanks to Fr.Niven for making us most very welcome.It was a pleasure to attend EF mass in his church.WE look forward to the next mass there in July.

Gerontius said...

Annie, I envy you, sorry I could not get there. At least we had only one happy clappy hymn. Our Mass attendance was a bit down as 27,000 bicycles were passing by and access for those travelling by car was somewhat precarious. I'm sure they all went to Mass elsewhere.

As for praying for a holy death – well, you’re saying the Novena to Saint Emilie!

Hope to see you at O.L.O.C. next Sunday.

Annie said...

So come on chaps, what devotions would you like to see in churches? Tell me all here, http://arundelbrightonlatinmasssociety.blogspot.com/2010/06/random-thoughts.html
or just scroll up to random thoughts!