29 June 2015

Low Mass at...

...St Mary Magdalen, North Street, Brighton, this Sunday at 9.00 am (in case you aren't going to make it to the AMEX)

28 June 2015

IMPORTANT : There will be an additional Mass...

...at Bethany Chapel, Easons Green, on Sunday, 5th July at 10.00 am.

Details of location can be found on the sidebar, scroll down while looking at the right of the screen.

21 June 2015

An Interesting Talk

Michael Voris is always thought provoking and worth listening to, whether you agree with everything he says or not.

Here is a talk he gave very recently in London. It's quite long, but make a cuppa, grab a biscuit, and have a listen.

19 June 2015

Masses in Uckfield...

...are transferred from St Philip Neri for the foreseeable future to the Bethany Chapel at Diamond Farmhouse, Lewes Road, Easons Green, TN22 5JH, on the B2192,  almost opposite the turn off signed Palehouse Common and Squires Industrial Estate.

IMPORTANT : Phone 01825 840305 before Mass to make sure it's happening.

Masses are at 10.00 am, on the fourth Sunday of the month.

There may also be Masses on the fifth Sunday of the month, and on Holy Days of Obligation. I will post updates here.

Please see the sidebar for regular Mass times and locations, just scroll down while looking on the right side of the screen.

St Richard's, Slindon : Update

Michael told me the Mass was great, with the choir from Lewes singing beautifully to a full church. Apparently there was quite a lot of support for the Traditional Liturgy, which is very good to hear, so please pray that we'll see more Masses in the near future.

15 June 2015

Mass on Tuesday, 16th June at St Richard's, Slindon

Fr Tony Churchill will be celebrating Mass for the 150th anniversary of the building of St Richard's, Slindon, at 7.30 pm.

Please try and make it if you can!

08 June 2015

Mass for the Feast of the Sacred Heart

On Friday, there will be a Solemn Mass for the Feast of the Sacred Heart at the Church of the Sacred Heart in Caterham, CA3 9PA, at noon. 

It is also Fr Sean Finnegan's Silver Jubilee Mass.

Wish I could be there, many congratulations, Fr Sean!

07 June 2015

IMPORTANT! Change of Mass for Uckfield

For June, July, and August, the 4th Sunday, 3.00 pm, Masses at St Philip Neri, Uckfield, have been transferred to the chapel at Diamond Farmhouse, Lewes Road, Easons Green, TN22 5JH, still on the 4th Sundays but at 10.00 am.  Any queries, please contact Pam Talbot on 01825 840305