21 July 2010

This Sunday at Our Lady of Consolation W Grinstead

There is a High Mass celebrated by Fr Matthew Goddard FSSP at 3.00pm.

Unfortunately, I'm away, but I hope someone will let me know all about it when I get back from holiday.

This morning at OLR...

...Many thanks to Fr Charles Briggs, who said Mass in the beautiful Lady Chapel at 10.30am, and will be at the same time tomorrow.

20 July 2010


...At Our Lady of Ransom Eastbourne, and on Thursday , Mass in the Extraordinary Form will be said at 10.30 am.

17 July 2010

Oh my (Readers of a delicate persuasion look away now)

What a lot of absolute bilge is about in the press at the moment. I know it's always open season for Catholics, but sometimes it's more than just annoying, and today is one of those days it's got to me.

We have tweets  of the most offensively juvenile kind from a Times reporter (nuff said!), The Suppository performing to its usual standard (warm up the cocoa dears, that last gathering liturgy really must have taken it out of you), and academics who are supposed to have incisive intellects showing themselves to be as ignorant of their own Faith as an average agnostic (I find the penny catechism kind of gives you the flavour of proper Catholicism).

It's very simplistic of me, and probably awfully unsophisticated, but I would really like to know what 'equality' (in the job sense of the word) has to do with religion.

I'm all for equality in the workplace, equal pay for equal work, non-discrimination of all kinds in the workplace. But what has that got to do with the Faith of the Church?

As a woman in the church, I have never felt as though 'The Church' treated me as a second class citizen. The fact that I can't be a priest doesn't bother me in the slightest, any more than the fact that my husband can't get pregnant.
It was God after all Who made men and women complementary, with different ways of looking at things and with different emphases in our lives, and I like the way the Church acknowledges that.
It might not be 'fair' according to some people, but it is right.

It's enough to make me race out and buy another mantilla.
And of course one of the biggest feather rufflers is the resurgence of the wonderful Latin Mass, that bastion of maleness, that sublime experience where all face God equally - gosh, even the priest!

I could rant on and on, but the thing that I wonder about more than anything is why people remain in the Catholic Church if it offends them so much.

Sunday 18 July

Don't forget Mass at 3.00pm at St Thomas More, Seaford

A&B News survey

I had an email mentioning this link to an A&B News survey on http://www.dabnet.org/ .

One of the questions is, 'Do you have any suggestions for improving content?' Anyone fancy joining me and my emailer in asking for Extraordinary Form Mass times to be included in it? You just download a survey form from the site, and email it back.

On Wednesday...

...Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith said Mass at Our Lady of Ransom, in the Sacred Heart Chapel, the feast of St Bonaventure. Now I'm extremely fond of this particular chapel, and I can't tell you how wonderful it was to see that altar used! (And of course we moved all the chairs out).

And on SUNDAY, that's tomorrow, there is Mass at 3.00pm at St Thomas More, Seaford, celebrant Fr Bruno. Hope to see you there.

11 July 2010


There is an EF Mass this coming Wednesday, 10.00 am at Our Lady of Ransom Eastbourne,

and also the following Wednesday 21st and Thursday 22nd at 10.30am.

Hope as many of you can make it as possible.

Our Lady of Consolation

Fr Agley was the celebrant today at West Grinstead, and he preached a very pithy and memorable sermon on faith and works. Many thanks to Fr Agley. It was lovely to see the church so full of people on such a beautiful afternoon...

....and to have a chance to catch up afterwards!

Shoreham Masses

Fr Sean is away for the next two Saturdays, so there will be no Saturday midday Masses.

07 July 2010

Our Lady of Guadalupe

The image of Our Lady of Guadalupe is in the UK at the moment, and I would very much like to visit it.

 From Maria Stops Abortion:

The Archbishop [Nichols] granted Edmund Adamus, the designated temporary custodian of the image, authority to seek permission of each diocesan bishop to allow the image to be welcomed in his diocese for devotional purposes for the cause of the Gospel of Life, the protection of the unborn, the sanctity of families and the peace of the nation.

On the Diocesan list, Arundel & Brighton is the only Diocese 'Awaiting Response'. Anyone feel like joining me in making a request for it to come? Or if you have an update on the image's itinerary in A&B, please let me know! I'd love to see it over in the east of the Diocese!

06 July 2010

Now I know the Pirates of Penzance...

... and Gilbert and Sullivan generally might not be everyone's cup of tea...but they did write some rollicking good tunes, and on 4th July, Fr Z posted this very entertaining ditty from a seminarian, so I suggest you all sing along if you know the tune.

 The Seminarian’s Song

To the Tune of the Major-General’s Song from The Pirates of Penzance

I am the very model of Catholic seminarian
I’ve information pastoral, canonical, and Marian,
I know the Popes of Avignon and Councils Ecumenical
From Nicaea to Vatican plus gatherings heretical.
I’m very well acquainted too with matters homiletical,
I’ll write a pretty sermon that is eloquent yet practical,
About soteriology I’m teeming with a lot o’ news…
Such as salvation history’s relation to the modern Jews.
I’m very open minded, I have Sunday lunch with Protestants,
I teach them our Church History and sing it in Gregorian Chants,
In short in matters pastoral, canonical, and Marian,
I am the very model of a Catholic seminarian.

I know my ancient languages, some Latin, Greek, and Hebrew too;
I’m smart as a Dominican, I write for The Thomist review,
I quote Thomas Aquinas and I know the Summa all by heart,
I know the arguments for God from Anselm to Rene Descartes;
I am an expert without doubt in all matters liturgical,
I’ll see the rubrics carried out in fashion demiurgical!
I can intone polyphony from every epoch, school and rank…
And sing all of the arias composed by Mister Cesare Franck.
Then I can run a bingo or a bake sale in the Parish Hall,
And sell spaghetti supper tickets at the local shopping mall:
In short, in matters pastoral, canonical, and Marian,
I am the very model of a Catholic seminarian.

In fact, when I know what is meant by “Molinist” and “Arian,”
When I can rise above the title of Popish sectarian,

When such affairs as wakes and confirmations I’m more wary at,
And when each sort of imperfection, sin, and fault I can combat;
When I have learnt the progress of von Balthasar’s theology,
Converted every member of the Church of Scientology—
In short, when I’ve a smattering of basic Catholicity—
They’ll say that I’m a cleric full of goodness and simplicity.
And though my Bishop is impressed by my enormous panurgy,
The man is rather wary at my love for Latin Liturgy,
But still in matters pastoral, canonical, and Marian,
I am the very model a Catholic seminarian.

In the comments below the post were great replies, including one to the tune of Three Little Maids, about nuns, but this one caught my eye:
"You might just be the model of a modern seminarian,

Yet cautiously be wary of the Rector, who’s an Arian,
The spiritual director, who’s a fan of Fr. Matthew Fox,
And certainly the liturgist, who’s very far from orthodox!
Impressive as your knowledge is of Popes who reigned from Avignon,
More poignant are the virtues, of which you must be a paragon,
Below the radar, prudently, your love for Latin keep in checks
And while you quote Von Balthasar, toss in a little Schillebeeckx
Stay faithful to the Pope and don’t forget to pray your Rosary,
Attend Mass daily, and pray all the black words in your breviary,
In short, be prudent, persevere, and take your punches like a man
And make it to the priesthood, my dear model seminarian!"

05 July 2010

Yesterday at Lewes

Fr Jonathan Martin said Mass at St Pancras yesterday afternoon, I think I'll let Mike do the commenting:

Great privilege to be at St. Pancras' today, as the Traditional Mass returned to Lewes. (I presume it WAS a return?). Beautiful day, beautiful church, beautiful Mass. As they say these days, what's not to like? Many thanks to all concerned, including Fr. Martin (celebrant) and Fr. Biggerstaff (p.p.).

And Mike, looks very much like the Traditional Mass will be returning to Lewes, how's that for 'Know Popery'?

And here are a couple of pictures I took before Mass began, as for once I had the camera in my bag:

There was lots of chat and banter afterwards outside in the amazing sunshine (although it could have be pelting with rain and I still would have had a smile on my face).

Thanks again to Fr Richard, and to Fr Jonathan.

Our Lady of Consolation, Sunday 25th July 3.00pm

There will be a High Mass on 25th July at Our Lady Of Consolation West Grinstead at 3.00pm.

The celebrant will be Fr Matthew Goddard FSSP

Fr James Hurley will be Deacon
Deacon Seamus Mahon will be Sub-Deacon

The organist will be Colin Mawby, with a Schola of ex-choristers from Westminster Cathedral

Hope lots can make it!

(And naturally, there'll be a chance for a good natter aftewards over refreshments)

01 July 2010

You just HAVE to read this...

...by Fr Tim who quotes the Holy Father at the end:

"Fish live in the sea and are silent. Terrestrial animals cry out, but the birds, whose vital space is the heavens, sing. Silence is proper to the sea, crying out to the earth, and singing to the heavens.
Man, however, participates in all three: he bares within him the depth of the sea, the weight of the earth, and the height of the heavens; this is why all three modes of being belong to him: silence, crying out, and song.
Today...we see that, devoid of transcendence, all that is left to man is to cry out, because he wishes to be only earth and seeks to turn into earth even the heavens and the depth of the sea. The true liturgy, the liturgy of the communion of saints, restores to him the fullness of his being. It teaches him anew how to be silent and how to sing, opening to him the profundity of the sea and teaching him how to fly, the nature of an angel; elevating his heart, it makes that song resonate in him once again which had in a way fallen asleep.
In fact, we can even say that the true liturgy is recognisable especially when it frees us from the common way of living, and restores to us depth and height, silence and song. The true liturgy is recognisable by the fact that it is cosmic, not custom made for a group. It sings with the angels. It remains silent with the profound depth of the universe in waiting. And in this way it redeems the world.”

How absolutely beautiful is that?