19 December 2015

Masses at West Grinstead

I have heard from Father Goddard that there will be no further second Sunday Masses at Our Lady of Consolation, West Grinstead.

While this saddens me, the decreasing Mass attendance there can be attributed, not in a small part, to the passing of many of the faithful to their eternal rewards over the past year or two. People who travelled to West Grinstead in the early years following the introduction of the new rite did so because it was pretty much the only place in the Diocese the Old Rite was celebrated. It sustained the faithful when everywhere else was liturgically bleak.

Not so today. Today priests are more free to say the Old Rite than at any time in the past fifty years. Regular Masses are said in regular parishes. In no way is the liturgical landscape as bad for us Latin Mass lovers as it was.

The future lies in supporting every parish priest who says the Mass in his own parish, and every parish in which you assist at the Latin Mass. Encouraging every tiny move towards tradition where you happen to be, whether or not your priest says the Mass. Ask where you are for the Latin Mass to be available to you.

One door has closed, but that doesn't mean others won't open.  And in terms of open doors, here's a list of where Latin Masses are regularly available in the Diocese. Not all are on Sundays, but these are the places where you can find one, and they are all to be found on the sidebar :

Brighton :
St Mary Magdalene, North Street
St Mary's, Surrenden Road

Seaford :
St Thomas More, Sutton Road

Lewes :
St Pancras, Irelands Lane

Caterham :
The Sacred Heart, Whyteleafe Road

Easons Green :
Bethany Chapel, Lewes Road

There are also Masses said occasionally at

Knaphill :
St Hugh of Lincoln, Victoria Road.

There is much to rejoice about, a lot to be thankful for, and still a lot of work to do. I'm looking forward to the next open door.


Mass in Seaford is cancelled tomorrow due to the parish Christingle service.
Masses resume in Seaford in the New Year.

11 December 2015

Requiem Mass for Michael Telford

Image result for requiem mass

There will be a Requiem Mass for Michael Telford on 23 December at 2.00 pm at Our Lady of Ransom, Grange Road, Eastbourne, BN21 4EU. The celebrant will be Fr Jonathan Martin.

Mike with his wife, Gwen, travelled far and wide due to his love of the Latin Mass. It was a privilege to know him. May he rest in peace.

01 December 2015

A privilege to be there

Yesterday evening at Our Lady of Ransom, Eastbourne, the new Ordinariate Use was said for the first time, ad orientem (does a jig of glee), at the beautiful Lady altar. Fr Neil Chatfield celebrated, assisted by Fr Gerard Hatton. The pews were full, the atmosphere was reverent, it was peaceful. It was truly wonderful to be there. And of course there was a small celebration afterwards!

We are really exceptionally lucky, no we are blessed, to have the Ordinariate here in Eastbourne.

The statue of Our Lady 
(slightly off centre to show that the pews had been returned to their original position for the Mass, facing the Lady altar,which in my opinion is where they should stay)

Another picture of the pews facing the right way.

24 November 2015

Mass for the feast of the Immaculate Conception...

...at St Hugh of Lincoln, Knaphill, GU21 2AA, at 8.00 pm,celebrant Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith.

Image result for immaculate conception

If anyone in the vicinity can volunteer to serve, it would be most helpful!

23 November 2015

Ordinariate in Surrey

I recently received this message, which I am more than happy to share with you all : 

"...Although not the Latin Mass, a traditional Ordinariate Mass will be offered at St Edward, Guildford (facing East, prayers at the foot of the Altar, Last Gospel etc). Arid Surrey. Arid, because there is very little evidence of Ordinariate activity in that area. Nor indeed can I find more than one entry for Surrey in the Latin Mass Society schedule; and so I do urge those also whose admirably correct instincts incline them to the Old Latin Mass, the Mass of Ages ... please do read this and give it some thought.
On Saturday 28 November, at 3.00, a Votive Mass of our Blessed Lady on Saturday will, Deo volente, be celebrated in the Church of St Edward the Confessor, Sutton Park, Guildford, GU 4 7QN.
It will be in the Ordinariate Form.
Readers will know that the Ordinariate Form is capable of being presented in various ways. Such as with the Preparation at the foot of the Altar ... right through to the Last Gospel. Since the celebrant on this occasion is due to be Fr Maunder, of St Agatha's Portsmouth, I think you have a guarantee that this Ordinariate celebration will be in the style and culture of traditional Western Catholic Liturgy.
I can think of few initiatives more worth supporting than this."

As a regular attendee at Ordinariate Masses, and given the lack of Latin Masses in Surrey, it would be great if any of you in the area could support this Mass. If you would like Latin Masses in Surrey, or anywhere else, you have to ask, get someone else to ask, as well as their friends, and then ask again. And be enthusiastic! There really is nothing like the Latin Mass. 

One minor point, please leave a name with comments. I nearly deleted this one because there was no name - pseudonym, real, I don't mind, just as long as I don't have to thank an 'Anonymous'! 

20 November 2015

Times and locations of all our regular Masses can be found on the right hand side bar. Simply scroll down, beneath the pictures of the relevant church, you will find all the details, and contact numbers if provided.

And in other business, Advent is almost upon us again, how tempus does fugit. The year has just sped by, liturgically and personally, so apologies for not updating this blog as often as has been my wont.

The appalling acts of genocide, terrorism, and general violence seen globally are enough to make me grab my rosary and never read another news report. Similarly, on a different but nevertheless equally disturbing scale, all news coming out of the most recent synod** didn't just give me a headache. Like most people, I spent (or do I mean wasted?) a great deal of time trying to make sense of the nonsensical before I gave up. Church teaching has remained as constant as it has remained true, and will continue to be regardless of any attempts to subvert it, from within or without. I keep telling myself the gates of hell shall not prevail, and then read anything written by Bishop Schneider.

So here we are, almost in Advent. Preparing for Advent is almost as much fun as Advent itself, and because of the terrible things going on in the world, I will appreciate the preparations for the great feast of Christmas even more this year.


11 October 2015

Rosary and Benediction...

...at Our Lady of Ransom, Eastbourne, at 3.00 pm on Sundays in October. A big thank you to Fr Gerard Hatton for encouraging and fostering these devotions! If you are in the area, please come along.

04 August 2015

The continuing unfolding...

...of what Planned Parenthood is all about. 

Image result for baby creative commons

The fifth video has just been released on the sale of baby parts, and whole babies.
In short, the buyer tells the abortion provider what bits they want, for example, the brain, and the abortionist will try, depending on how much the buyer is prepared to pay, to tweak the abortion procedure to keep the required body parts intact.

The dead babies, at 20 weeks, are "just a matter of line items".

Here is another direct quote from the video :

"...we are able to obtain intact foetal cadavers, then we can make it part of the budget, that any dissections are this, and splitting the specimens into different shipments is this."


Planned Parenthood DO NOT WANT ANYONE TO KNOW exactly what goes on in their facilities, and are trying to suppress these videos with injunctions and restraining orders.
 Pray that it all comes into the light.

03 August 2015

From Damian Barker, YCA Co-ordinator

YCA National Weekend at Aylesford -in Association with the Scola Gregoriana of Cambridge 31st Oct-1st Nov 2015

Set in the heart of Kent, England, The Friars - Aylesford Priory - is an ancient religious house of the Order of Carmelites dating back to the 13th Century. Over the centuries and now today The Friars has become the destination for thousands of visitors.

At the 2015 Young Catholic Adult Weekend Pilgrimage, there will be 
  • Sung/High Masses, 
  • Gregorian Chant Workshops, 
  • Talks, 
  • Rosaries, 
  • Confessions, 
  • Marian Procession, 
  • Socials. 
To book on to the weekend please go to the automated booking system at:- 

More details can be found at Http://www.youngcatholicadults.co.uk

30 July 2015


Church Militant have the latest on the foetal *harvesting* that goes on at Planned Parenthood.

I apologise for these posts because they are awful, and shocking, but I don't think we can be horrified enough by the lack of respect for human dignity and life shown by profiteering through tragedy.

29 July 2015

Updated : Baby body parts for cash...

...the story that's so appalling, the BBC won't give it any coverage.

Image result for baby  creative commons

There are more videos taken undercover in the cause of showing just what an industry abortion is, and how much money is invested in it. So much money that Planned Parenthood in the US stand to lose shed loads, if, of course, people wake up to the horror of picking through a dead baby's body for the *good bits* for profit. PP say it's all selective editing, and they're really the good guys. Tell that to the baby in bits on a lab bench. And you can see from the original videos on line that no selective editing has gone on, they're lying.

Naturally, the argument will run that if it's just blobs of rejected tissue, you might as well just use up the bits rather than disposing of them decently. Although that kind of rings hollow when you hear the doctors talking about legs and kidneys, and keeping the brains intact.

For some context regarding the background of Planned Parenthood, what a euphemism, here are some quotes from Margaret Sanger, PP's founder.

No-one in this country will even hear about this if news providers are so selective with their reporting that they censor all those bits out which don't support their particular leftist liberal agenda. Oh, like the BBC, our allegedly wondrous flagship television service. I actively boycott the BBC most of the time for the sake of my blood pressure, but dip in occasionally. I've dipped in recently, and it's same old, same old.

So here is the latest link to the videos showing exactly what does go down in abortion clinics in the US. If you can't take my word for it, have a look and see for yourselves. A word of warning, they are truly appalling, and you might want to say the prayer to St Michael before, during, and after. Again, this is disturbing stuff, be warned :

Human Capital

UPDATE from Life Site news:

'The California Supreme Court has issued a narrow temporary restraining order preventing the centre for Medical Progress (CMP)...from releasing further video footage...'
You can read the WHOLE STORY HERE.

26 July 2015

The Dark Web and the English Seaside.

Above is a picture of an ice berg. It's a very simple illustration of the internet. Everything in the Visible Web is open to all, think Wiki, and Google. The Deep Web has pass word protection, think your bank account, Facebook, access to your blog.

The Dark web is right at the bottom of the berg. It's a shady world of proxy IP addresses, and other stuff no-one wants to think about.

So what do the Dark Web and Margate have in common? I'll let Brother Lapin explain it all, so please click on this LINK to find out. 

For anyone in the north of the Diocese

In Carshalton, at Holy Cross, there is a regular fourth Sunday Mass at 4.00 pm. Please see the LMS website for more details, and do support this Mass if you can!

15 July 2015

Something from the USA

There are a few links here, please click on them for the full picture.

Our news outlets, apart from the Daily Mail,  have been unremarkably silent on a truly disgusting video (well, what would you expect?). 

You can see it here on Fox News, or on LIFE SITE. Be warned, you might become nauseous and incandescent with rage in equal measure.

Over a nice glass of something and a good plateful, a doctor from Planned Parenthood talks about flogging off aborted baby parts for research, and how they manage to not destroy the bits they're after during the abortion process. 

So what company would use the 'tissue'? It's THIS ONE. Interesting placards the women are holding. What could be a link between the one and the other?

There has been a veritable Twitter storm over the past few hours, and one in which, if you have Twitter, and feel so inclined, you may wish to weigh in on. 

Please support the Good Counsel Network and SPUC.

29 June 2015

Low Mass at...

...St Mary Magdalen, North Street, Brighton, this Sunday at 9.00 am (in case you aren't going to make it to the AMEX)

28 June 2015

IMPORTANT : There will be an additional Mass...

...at Bethany Chapel, Easons Green, on Sunday, 5th July at 10.00 am.

Details of location can be found on the sidebar, scroll down while looking at the right of the screen.

21 June 2015

An Interesting Talk

Michael Voris is always thought provoking and worth listening to, whether you agree with everything he says or not.

Here is a talk he gave very recently in London. It's quite long, but make a cuppa, grab a biscuit, and have a listen.

19 June 2015

Masses in Uckfield...

...are transferred from St Philip Neri for the foreseeable future to the Bethany Chapel at Diamond Farmhouse, Lewes Road, Easons Green, TN22 5JH, on the B2192,  almost opposite the turn off signed Palehouse Common and Squires Industrial Estate.

IMPORTANT : Phone 01825 840305 before Mass to make sure it's happening.

Masses are at 10.00 am, on the fourth Sunday of the month.

There may also be Masses on the fifth Sunday of the month, and on Holy Days of Obligation. I will post updates here.

Please see the sidebar for regular Mass times and locations, just scroll down while looking on the right side of the screen.

St Richard's, Slindon : Update

Michael told me the Mass was great, with the choir from Lewes singing beautifully to a full church. Apparently there was quite a lot of support for the Traditional Liturgy, which is very good to hear, so please pray that we'll see more Masses in the near future.

15 June 2015

Mass on Tuesday, 16th June at St Richard's, Slindon

Fr Tony Churchill will be celebrating Mass for the 150th anniversary of the building of St Richard's, Slindon, at 7.30 pm.

Please try and make it if you can!

08 June 2015

Mass for the Feast of the Sacred Heart

On Friday, there will be a Solemn Mass for the Feast of the Sacred Heart at the Church of the Sacred Heart in Caterham, CA3 9PA, at noon. 

It is also Fr Sean Finnegan's Silver Jubilee Mass.

Wish I could be there, many congratulations, Fr Sean!

07 June 2015

IMPORTANT! Change of Mass for Uckfield

For June, July, and August, the 4th Sunday, 3.00 pm, Masses at St Philip Neri, Uckfield, have been transferred to the chapel at Diamond Farmhouse, Lewes Road, Easons Green, TN22 5JH, still on the 4th Sundays but at 10.00 am.  Any queries, please contact Pam Talbot on 01825 840305

24 May 2015


Image result for whitsun

Have a very happy feast day!

18 May 2015

Masses in Uckfield and Lewes for Pentecost

Image result for pentecost

There is a Missa Cantata at 12.30 pm for the Feast of Pentecost at St Pancras, Lewes,

and a

Low Mass at St Philip's, Uckfield, at 3.00 pm.

Please see the side bar for details of locations, and for details of all other Mass locations and times and days in A&B.

Remember, regular Masses can be found on the sidebar to the right, under the picture of the relevant church.

11 May 2015

A Reminder...

...that there is also a Low Mass on Ascension Thursday at 7.00 pm in Lewes. All details are on the sidebar.

30 April 2015

Masses at St Mary Magadalen, Brighton