19 December 2015

Masses at West Grinstead

I have heard from Father Goddard that there will be no further second Sunday Masses at Our Lady of Consolation, West Grinstead.

While this saddens me, the decreasing Mass attendance there can be attributed, not in a small part, to the passing of many of the faithful to their eternal rewards over the past year or two. People who travelled to West Grinstead in the early years following the introduction of the new rite did so because it was pretty much the only place in the Diocese the Old Rite was celebrated. It sustained the faithful when everywhere else was liturgically bleak.

Not so today. Today priests are more free to say the Old Rite than at any time in the past fifty years. Regular Masses are said in regular parishes. In no way is the liturgical landscape as bad for us Latin Mass lovers as it was.

The future lies in supporting every parish priest who says the Mass in his own parish, and every parish in which you assist at the Latin Mass. Encouraging every tiny move towards tradition where you happen to be, whether or not your priest says the Mass. Ask where you are for the Latin Mass to be available to you.

One door has closed, but that doesn't mean others won't open.  And in terms of open doors, here's a list of where Latin Masses are regularly available in the Diocese. Not all are on Sundays, but these are the places where you can find one, and they are all to be found on the sidebar :

Brighton :
St Mary Magdalene, North Street
St Mary's, Surrenden Road

Seaford :
St Thomas More, Sutton Road

Lewes :
St Pancras, Irelands Lane

Caterham :
The Sacred Heart, Whyteleafe Road

Easons Green :
Bethany Chapel, Lewes Road

There are also Masses said occasionally at

Knaphill :
St Hugh of Lincoln, Victoria Road.

There is much to rejoice about, a lot to be thankful for, and still a lot of work to do. I'm looking forward to the next open door.


Mass in Seaford is cancelled tomorrow due to the parish Christingle service.
Masses resume in Seaford in the New Year.

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