28 November 2016

Friday 7.00 pm Mass...

...At St Mary Magdalen, Brighton, is cancelled until further notice.

The Sunday EF Mass remains unchanged.

Please pray for Fr Ray's continued recovery.

26 November 2016

Mass Cancellation...

...at Bethany Chapel, Eason's Green, tomorrow 27 November. Fr Michael is unwell, please say some prayers for him!

17 November 2016

Missa cantata at Our Lady of Consolation, West Grinstead...

...on Sunday, 11 December, at 3.00pm. The celebrant will be Fr Hurley.

15 November 2016

Mass cancellation

There will be no Mass this Friday evening at St Mary Magdalen, Brighton.
There also might be a cancellation of the Sunday evening Mass, so check back here or on the LMS website for updates.

14 November 2016

12 November 2016

A Little Stiffness after VII

How anything pre VII does irritate.

Image result for rigid motion creative commons

I am now labelled a rigid person, allegedly with hidden psychological issues. I will admit to a little post gardening stiffness these days, but it doesn't make me incapacitatedly rigid. Although I did do my back in hauling the turkey out of the freezer one year, then I was rigid. A dependence on God, Our Lady, and the saints, might make me appear deranged to some eyes, but it's nothing I'm inclined to hide.

So, rigid, deranged...and proud.

01 November 2016

Happy Feast Day

Image result for all saints day

Have a very blessed day.

We began last night with a very good slaughtered saints party, full of saints costumes, fun, games, food (of course), and ending with the Litany of Saints, and Mass. Today is more feasting and celebration for us, following an early Mass this morning. Tomorrow, All Souls, we'll eat Soul Cakes, visit our local cemetery, and pray for all our Holy Souls at Mass tomorrow evening. I love this time of year, it's positive and hopeful. And you get to eat Soul Cakes.