29 March 2015

ACTA : Bishop of Lancaster tells it like it is!

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Bishop Campbell has spoken out about ACTA on his blog, The Bishop's Blog. Do I hear a resounding cheer go up? Well he's receiving a standing ovation from my desk!

Here's a brief extract :
'...there appears at times a momentum for certain pressure groups in the life of the Church Universal. Amongst these at the present moment is a small but vocal interest or lobby group self-styled A Call to Action (ACTA) which happens to meet within the Diocese of Lancaster and other dioceses and appears to espouse positions – at times and among others – in opposition to the defined teaching of the Catholic Church on faith and morals...I need to make it clear here that in my judgement, as Diocesan Bishop, ACTA moves well beyond its self-described aim of ‘dialogue’ on controversial issues on its agenda and so does not provide an assured authentic forum or interpretation of sound Catholic teaching and sound pastoral practice in this Diocese. Accordingly great care is required here from priests and people.'

I urge you to follow the link above and read the whole post, it's really very encouraging!

27 March 2015

Upcoming Mass in Knaphill

On Easter Thursday, 9 April, 
at St Hugh of Lincoln, 95, Victoria Road, Knaphill, GU21 2AA,
there will be a Low Mass for the repose of the soul of Nick Gale at 7.00 pm.

All welcome!

26 March 2015


I have just signed the petition in support of priests who are standing up for what the Church teaches

It would be funny, were not it so tragic, that priests who are supporting Church teaching are having their wrists slapped for, well, for standing up for what the church teaches. In public. Not behind closed doors, but, good grief, standing up in public! And slapped by a Cardinal.

I should be shocked, but not a lot shocks me any more. So I signed the petition in support of our priests, because I too support Church teaching on marriage and sexuality. There, I said it.

To cheer myself up in these dark times for the Faith, here's something almost appropriate.

22 March 2015


Mass is next week, Palm Sunday, at 3.00pm.

16 March 2015

I don't really do fashion...

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...but Dolce and Gabbana might just have got me interested.

Their comments on the family are just spot on.
Elton John has called for a boycott of them. So much for freedom of speech. But then, we aren't allowed an opinion, are we? What about the discarded babies, thrown away because of IVF every year? Aren't they beautiful too, Elton?

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I'm going to be buying something like this next time I need a pair of specs.

Dolce and Gabbana

Now I'm off, I need  an

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12 March 2015

A Reminder...

...that Mass is at 5.00 pm in Seaford for this Sunday only.

11 March 2015

AMEX, the stadium, not the card.

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Here's a shout for volunteers. Yes, volunteers! Men/women willing to man/woman a stall at the Jubilee celebration in July on behalf of the LMS.

If you feel called to evangelise at the event, please leave me a message in the com box and we'll see what can be done...

10 March 2015

Mass in Seaford ...

...this Sunday (15th) is at 5.00 pm.

It will be back at the usual time of  3.00 pm in April.


At Our Lady of Consolation, West Grinstead, the Mass in April will be on the 3rd Sunday (19th), at 3.00 pm. Second Sunday Masses resume in May, still at 3.00 pm.

And finally...

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I'm told that cute cats can work miracles.

Can I also make a plea to chaps who are in the Uckfield area who would be willing to serve. The Mass in Uckfield needs a regular server. At the moment, the Uckfield Mass is relying on servers from quite a way away. It would be great if we could find a couple of chaps willing to help out from the area.

If you are able to volunteer, please, please do. Full training and help can be given if you're a total novice, or just need a skills brush up. Contact me through the com box, and I'll get back to you ASAP. Looking forward to hearing from you.