28 June 2009

The Feast of Ss Peter and Paul

The feast of these two great saints was celebrated at Our Lady of Consolation this afternoon by Fr Agley, thank you Father! This was followed by tea, biscuits and lots of chat.

26 June 2009

Dear Readers...

...following the amazing response to the east A&B questionnaire, I shall be spending a bit of time sifting through them. I had no idea what to expect as, to be honest, it was something of a blind mailshot.

What has struck me is the real desire for the EF to be said in this area. There is a 'demand' for it, don't believe otherwise! So if you are a supporter or LMS member, or just curious, don't be shy, please ask your parish priests for the EF. The more people that ask, the more awareness is raised, the more interested people might become. Things don't tend to happen overnight though, so don't be disheartened.

In an earlier post, I said I had photocopies ready of a booking form and introductory letter from the LMS office for the next training course. Let me know if you would like them, leave a not-for-publication message in the combox. Resources are also available for anyone who can't make the course, but would still like the opportunity to learn the EF.

It's been a real privilege to have heard from you, and I've been very touched by your replies. Thank you.

23 June 2009

More Photos from W Grinstead

Before Mass:

The Mass:

And After:

22 June 2009

A Great Day

Father Matthew Goddard FSSP, very recently ordained in Nebraska, celebrated a Solemn High Mass in his home parish, Our Lady of Consolation, in honour of Our Lady yesterday afternoon.
The church was packed and the music was marvellous. It's no exagerration to say that Mass was truly heavenly, I wasn't alone in thinking it.
We were also able to receive a blessing from Father Matthew afterwards, which was also a rare and great privilege.

A lovely reception followed, where we could not only talk, eat, drink, and be merry, but play spot-the-bloggers.

There was so much to think about on the way home, this special Year for Priests, how rich and fulfilling the traditions of the Catholic church are if only you have the opportunity to experience them.
I know that there are people who might not instantly warm, say, to a Solemn High Mass. I've only had the opportunity to assist at three (seeing as they are a bit thin on the ground where I am), but I really love them. There is a lot going on, but I think that's very much part of why I love it, every bit of the Mass is directed to God, every gesture, every word. I know that the argument goes that the congregation somehow isn't in the loop, being reduced to spectators, but that kind of misses the point: you are the loop just because you are there.

Prayers and good wishes to Father Matthew Goddard and his family!

19 June 2009

The east A&B questionnaire again

Thanks to all who have responded so far, and please keep them coming!

Ok, two things, two important things -

Number One: The LMS Training Conference for Priests at London Colney, Herts, from Monday 24 - Friday 28 August.

I have a booking form and introductory letter that are desperate to be photocopied and sent on to any priests who are interested. If you think your parish priest or one you know is interested in attending, leave a comment in the combox and I shall send you one asap, if you leave an address I WILL NOT publish it, so fear not, but I will get back to you! So please, spread the word!

Number Two: Traditional Latin Rite Confirmations at St James's Church Spanish Place London W1, Saturday 7 November at 11.00am.

Bishop George Stack, auxiliary bishop in Westminster, will be administering the Confirmations.

NB: Any parents requiring Traditional Confirmation for their children in November 2009 should contact the LMS office for details about how to register.

Feast of the Sacred Heart

Just a reminder, that there is a Low Mass at 7.00pm at St Mary Magdalen, Upper North Street, Brighton, BN1 3FH. (I love this picture!)

Today is also the beginning of the Year for Priests, and I pray all our priests gain much encouragement and strength from it, and realise how much they are appreciated too.

15 June 2009

Kneel, kneel some more, stand...what?

For a great guide about 'what to do' at the usus antiquior, go to mulier fortis!
What did I do at first? I sat at the back and did as everyone else did as best I could, given not everyone was doing the same thing!

East A&B Questionnaire

As I'm the assistant for the east of the Diocese, I thought I might like to find out a bit about what those members scattered around the east of the Diocese think. So I've written to you all. And enclosed a questionnaire - but it is really really short, it's only five questions long! Please, can you fill it in and send it back to me asap? And thanks to any who have already!

Mass this weekend...

...was at West Grinstead. Grateful thanks to Fr Agley.

11 June 2009

Corpus Christi Mass Reminder

At St Mary Magdalene, Brighton 7.30 this evening.

07 June 2009

St Mary Magdalene Mass update

Damien has let me know that there will not be a 3rd Sunday Mass on June 21, at St Mary Magdalene, as Fr Blake is away.

06 June 2009

Petition for the Octave of Pentecost

Fr Blake has started an e-petition for the reinstatement of an Octave of Pentecost, which I think is a great idea. Here's the link to the petition.

05 June 2009

Feast of the Sacred Heart

There is a Low Mass at 7.00pm at St Mary Magdalen, Upper North Street, Brighton, BN1 3FH.

Countrywide Masses for the Feast of the Sacred Heart on 19 June can be found here.

03 June 2009

Ushaw and beyond another reminder

Fr Ray Blake has a post on the upcoming residential training conference for priests wishing to learn the EF at London Colney, St Alban's, which means I don't have to plug it at all! If anyone knows of anyone who would like to go but perhaps needs a bit of encouragement, encourage them!

Corpus Christi Masses...

...countrywide can be found here at the LMS site.

And don't forget St Mary Magdalene at 7.30 pm!

02 June 2009

Le Barroux Benedictines

I was trawling some websites while I had lunch, trying to catch up a bit, and found this new DVD at the New Liturgical Movement site. As I thought Into Great Silence marvellous, I can see me getting a copy of Veilleurs dans la Nuit as well. The Benedictine Abbaye Sainte-Madeleine du Barroux website can be found here, and there's the opportunity to view a clip from the DVD at the bottom of the home page, just cliquez ici.

Now what I would like to have is an equally marvellous DVD of Sisters sharing their equally marvellous vocations! Anyone know of anything coming in the future or around at the moment?

Corpus Christi Missa Cantata at St Mary Magdalene, Brighton

There will be a Corpus Christi Missa Cantata at 7.30pm, 11 June at St Mary Magdalene, Brighton. The celebrant will be Fr Sean Finnegan, music is the lovely Byrd Mass for Four Voices, which will be followed by a short procession.

01 June 2009

While on the subject of Priest Holes

There are priest holes at West Grinstead. The spaces were formed in the chimney of the building.

The Secret Chapel is at the top of the timber framed building on the right, in what was originally a hay loft.

Thanks to Clare for the photos!

On this fine Monday morning...

...a news round-up following the half term hiatus:

The Missa Cantata on Sunday 24th of May at OLOC was a very prayerful and joyful occasion. Fr Hurley celebrated, and the choir from St Thomas More, Seaford were in great voice. The weather was just beautiful. Thanks to Father and the choir.

It being half term, and eventually sunny (gasp!), in between trying to get the garden sorted and other exciting domestic stuff we did a few trips out. One was to Scotney Castle, followed by a visit to Bayham Abbey.

I like Scotney. Not because it's so picturesque it almost hurts and certainly not because of the rhododendrons, which I am no fan of, but because it's got a Priest Hole. I'm a great fan of the Priest Hole. Not least because, being claustrophobic in even large lifts, I stand in awe of anyone who could squeeze themself into a coffin sized space and sit there for goodness knows how long in possible anticipation of an horrific death. It boggles my mind, and I am profoundly grateful to the martyrs and survivors. Which reminds me, I must read Come Rack! Come Rope! again soon. I particularly like Scotney, because Father Richard Blount who was based there, was one of the survivors. A story of Fr Blount can be found here, but I particularly like this bit:

"One Christmas night towards the close of Elizabeth's reign the castle was seized by a party of priest-hunters, who, with their usual mode of procedure, locked up the members of the family securely before starting on their operations...When all was at rest, Father Blount and his man, not caring to risk another day's hunting, cautiously crept forth bare-footed, and after managing to scale some high walls, dropt into the moat and swam across. And it was as well for them that they decided to quit their hiding-hole, for next morning it was discovered."

Fr Mildew also has the story of Scotney Castle here.

As I generally get more than a bit peevish at the thought of the Dissolution, going to the Norbertine Bayham Abbey brought up all the usual feelings ruined religious houses do for me. Standing in front of the site of the High Altar and saying a few prayers made me feel a bit better, but it was very poignant.