30 December 2009

Epiphany Missa Cantata...

...at St Mary Magdalen, Brighton on 6th January at 7.30pm.
Hope lots of people can get to it!

Also, fret not, the 3rd Sunday Mass at St MMs is running as normal for January.

28 December 2009

Our Lady of Consolation

Yesterday afternoon Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith celebrated Mass at OLOC, and we listened to a pastoral letter from His Lordship the Bishop. I wished I'd taken my camera, because the crib was just beautiful.

I hadn't thought there would be many people at Mass, given the weather and seasonal family committments, but I was wrong! Following Mass we all enjoyed some very welcome and warming mulled wine and mince pies - and tea, of course, and lively conversation. It's very good to see Fr Goddard out and about again.

24 December 2009

Happy Christmas

It's here at last, and what a speedy Advent
this has been, I don't know where the time's gone since we lit the first candle on the wreath.

A long while ago I was lucky enough to visit the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, right at the beginning of Advent. It was one of the most memorable and fabulous things I've ever done (even if I found the soldiers patrolling with their -to me- ginormous rifles a tad disconcerting, at least it made me think of the Roman occupation). I don't know what I was expecting, but I was a bit surprised by it. So here's a picture, so I can re-live my surprise.

Wishing you a happy and holy Christmas!

PS: There is a Mass at Our Lady of Consolation on 27th December at 3.00pm (weather permitting??)

14 December 2009


For Gaudete Sunday, a missa cantata was celebrated at Our Lady of Consolation by Fr Hurley. Fr Hurley's sermon focused on St John the Baptist, and the importance of not forgetting to keep Christ in Christmas. The Seaford Schola, though down in numbers (everyone I know seems to have one type of lurgy or other at the moment), sang out loud and clear, and there was plenty of lovely incense to make it a real celebration. And of course there were some lovely rose vestments, not entirely unlike those in the photo below pinched from the NLM site.

11 December 2009

Ushaw College Training Conference, 2010

LMS Residential Training Conference for Priests Wishing to Learn the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite (Traditional Latin Mass) at Ushaw College, Durham.

The Latin Mass Society of England and Wales (LMS) is organising a residential training conference for priests wishing to learn the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite (Traditional Latin Mass) at Ushaw College, Durham, one of England’s most prestigious seminaries.

The conference will run from Monday 12 April to Friday 16 April 2010 (i.e. Low Week) and will feature Traditional liturgies in Ushaw’s magnificent neo-Gothic St Cuthbert’s Chapel together with a Gregorian Chant schola and polyphonic choir.

Expert tuition in the celebration of Mass in the Usus Antiquior will be provided on a small group basis. There will be tuition in Low Mass, Missa Cantata and Missa Solemnis and there will be streams for beginners and more advanced students. There will be a keynote lecture and 1962 Missals and altar cards will be available.

There will be opening and closing High Masses, daily Mass and Devotions, and Rosary. There will also be a closing Conference dinner with guest speaker.

The subsidised fee to participants is only £115.00 which includes all accommodation, meals and training materials. There are limited places and priests are asked to register as soon as possible.

Further details and registration forms can be obtained from the LMS office (Tel: 020 7404 7284, e mail: info@latin-mass-society.org) or from the conference organiser, Mr Paul Waddington (Tel: 01757 638027, e mail: paul@gooleboathouse.co.uk).

Paul Waddington said, “This is the second time the LMS has organised such a training conference at Ushaw College and we are delighted to be going back. I hope the laity will tell their priests about this wonderful opportunity to learn the Usus Antiquior in the setting of one of England’s finest Catholic seminaries.”

Latin Mass Society, 11-13 Macklin Street, London WC2B 5NH
Tel: 020 7404 7284
E mail: info@latin-mass-society.org
Website: latin-mass-society.org

For further information, please contact John Medlin, General Manager, or James Murphy, LMS Office Manager, on (T) 020 7404 7284;
(F) 020 7831 5585; (E mail) info@latin-mass-society.org

08 December 2009

The Immaculate Conception

Prayer for Priests

Michael pointed me towards the FSSP website on which there is this prayer for priests:

“O Lord Jesus, born to give testimony to the Truth, Thou who lovest unto the end those whom Thou hadst chosen, kindly hear our prayers for our pastors.
Thou who knowest all things, knowest that they love Thee and can do all things in Thee who strengthen them.
Sanctify them in Truth. Pour into them, we beseech Thee, the Spirit whom Thou didst give to Thy apostles, who would make them, in all things, like unto Thee.
Receive the homage of love which they offer up to Thee, who hast graciously received the threefold confession of Peter.
And so that a pure oblation may everywhere be offered without ceasing unto the Most Holy Trinity, graciously enrich their number and keep them in Thy love, who art one with the Father and the Holy Ghost, to whom be glory and honour forever. Amen.”

Please do follow the link (there are partial indulgences Smiley).

Missa Cantata...

...this Sunday at OLOC, West Grinstead at 3.00pm. I don't know about you, but I'm very much looking forward to it.


Due to technical difficulties, I wasn't able to open the LMS communique regarding the next EF conference, so here's a link to Fr Blake who could.