31 January 2011

February Reminders


On 5th February, there is a 6.00pm Mass at St John the Evangelist, Horsham.

West Grinstead

On 6th February at Our Lady of Consolation, Fr Matthew Goddard will be saying Mass at 12.00pm.

Please note this will be the ONLY Mass at OLOC in February.


Also on 6th February Mass, will be said at 12.30 pm, at St Pancras, Lewes

28 January 2011


There will be a Missa Cantata at St Mary Magdalen's, Brighton, at 7.30pm,Wednesday  2nd February, for Candlemas

Clare says: 'if anyone is of a reasonably good standard at singing Gregorian Chant and would like to come and join the schola for this particular mass, they are very welcome. There will be a practice at 5.30pm on the evening.'

26 January 2011

March for Life

I watched some of the March for Life on EWTN, and found the sight of all those people witnessing to the sanctity of life absolutely overwhelming.

If you haven't read Fr John Boyle's blog about it and watched his slide show, go there now, it's completely uplifting!

Latin Mass Society Announces 2011 Priests Training Conference

Press Release 26 January 2011

The Latin Mass Society has announced its seventh residential conference for priests who wish to learn the Extraordinary Form of Mass. The conference will take place at Buckfast Abbey, Buckfastleigh, Devon from Tuesday 3rd to Friday 6th May.

Tuition will be given in small groups selected according to ability, and will cover Low Mass, Missa Cantata and Missa Solemnis. It is also hoped to provide tuition in the sacraments of baptism and marriage. Only rudimentary Latin is required.

There will also be a residential course for laymen wishing to learn to serve the Extraordinary Form.

The conference will begin late morning on the Tuesday, although there will be the opportunity for those travelling long distances to stay at Buckfast Abbey on the Monday night. The conference will end after lunch on the Friday.

There will be sung Mass in the Extraordinary Form each day; parts of the Office will also be sung.

The inclusive fee is £85 which covers all tuition, accommodation and board.

Application forms for both priests and servers training are available from the LMS office (020 7404 7284) or the LMS website (www.lms.org.uk).

LMS Chairman, Doctor Joseph Shaw said: “The LMS’s training conferences are now well-established in the Church’s calendar of activities. We have already trained over a hundred priests and many more Extraordinary Form Masses are being offered around the country due to our training activities”.

For Downloadable Pictures go to: www.lms.org.uk/news and events/picture gallery/priests training conference at Downside Abbey August 2010

17 January 2011

The next Mass in Horsham...

...will be at 6pm on Saturday 5 February. The Celebrant and preacher will be Fr.Gerard Bradley the Spiritual Director at St.John’s Seminary Wonersh.

There will also be Confession before Mass from 5.30pm.

13 January 2011

For the Diary

Our Lady of Consolation, West Grinstead

Masses are now once a month only, at the usual time of 3.00 pm, second Sunday of the month, starting from January.

Fr Matthew Goddard FSSP will be saying Mass at OLOC at 12 noon on Sunday, 6th February. Please note that this will be the only EF Mass at OLOC in February, there will be no second Sunday Mass.

Next EF Mass will be 13th March.

Catching up on the headlines, one stood out this morning.

Abortion as contraceptive, and all from the privacy and comfort of your arm chair.

No-one need ever know, and there's none of the 'stigma' of having to go to one of those 'clinics'.


12 January 2011

Not 'Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells'

Quite the opposite actually.

Martin Terrell asked me if I could draw your attention to the mid week EF  Mass said every week at St Augustine's, Crescent Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Every Wednesday evening at 7.00 pm.

I know, before anyone tells me, that Tunbridge Wells is in Southwark, and not A&B, but for anyone in the north east of the Diocese this is great. So please, if you're able, do try and support it.

05 January 2011

The Feast of the Epiphany

Wishing you all a happy and holy

Feast of the Epiphany.

'Because Christian worship is not meant to be about you'

I've got a new blog on my roll. It's a site I'm tremendously fond of and it makes the extrememly important point : 'because Christian worship is not meant to be about you'.

If you're ever feeling in need of a chortle in these grey Winter days, have a look at Bad Vestments.
You'll wonder how you ever managed without it. Here's one of my current favourites.

01 January 2011


Best wishes for a happy and blessed

New Year!