05 July 2010

Yesterday at Lewes

Fr Jonathan Martin said Mass at St Pancras yesterday afternoon, I think I'll let Mike do the commenting:

Great privilege to be at St. Pancras' today, as the Traditional Mass returned to Lewes. (I presume it WAS a return?). Beautiful day, beautiful church, beautiful Mass. As they say these days, what's not to like? Many thanks to all concerned, including Fr. Martin (celebrant) and Fr. Biggerstaff (p.p.).

And Mike, looks very much like the Traditional Mass will be returning to Lewes, how's that for 'Know Popery'?

And here are a couple of pictures I took before Mass began, as for once I had the camera in my bag:

There was lots of chat and banter afterwards outside in the amazing sunshine (although it could have be pelting with rain and I still would have had a smile on my face).

Thanks again to Fr Richard, and to Fr Jonathan.


Anonymous said...

Delighted to hear this was a success. Well done!


Annie said...

It was lovely! And hopefully the first of many :D