28 June 2010

Disgusted, East A&B

I don't know how many of you have been following the CES shenanigans over Catholic sex education here, but things in Belgium are mighty unsavoury as Fr Ray Blake  and Fr Tim Finigan point out.

There's little more absolutely disgusting than sanctioned classroom grooming under the guise of 'education'.

Fr Tim Finigan has this to say:

If challenged by the Government or the Inspectorate over the content of such pro-life and pro-family programmes, we could, for once, take the initiative, point to the example of Belgium, and insist that we are learning lessons from there about the effective safeguarding of children. A strong condemnation of the Channel 4 programme, with explicit examples, would restore some balance by calling the secularists to account for inflicting such material on innocent children. At the same time the Church would do a service to non-Catholic parents by alerting them to the danger posed to their sons and daughters.

So please, see John Smeaton's blog for what you can do to try and halt this assault on children in this country.

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