24 June 2010

More good news, Masses at St Pancras, Lewes

A reminder that there will be a Low Mass on Sunday, 4th July at 12.30pm at St Pancras, Irelands Lane, Lewes, BN7 1QX .

There will also be Low Mass on Sunday 15th August at 12.30pm and on Sunday, 5th September, at 5pm.

Hopefully, regular Low Masses on the first Sunday at 12.30pm will follow.


Mike Telford said...

Great privilege to be at St. Pancras' today, as the Traditional Mass returned to Lewes. (I presume it WAS a return?). Beautiful day, beautiful church, beautiful Mass. As they say these days, what's not to like? Many thanks to all concerned, including Fr. Martin (celebrant) and Fr. Biggerstaff (p.p.).

Annie said...

Wasn't it lovely!