13 December 2014

See post of 1 December, for updates of updates of upcoming Masses

Veiling, dear to my heart, closer to my head, and perennially vexing to some chapettes who just don't get it.

I'd like to draw your attention, if it hasn't already been drawn, to the  FIUV paper on veiling on Rorate Caeli, and the Chairman's post on his blog.

I am the only veiler when I attend the NO Mass in my parish church, although I have been now for ooh, feels like ever so long, I still get the funny looks from ladies who really should have got over it by now. Like their tutting is going to make me stop. I'm not sure they would agree to disagree with me even if given the rather fine explanation of the why and wherefore found in the links above. But I am glad they are available to point anyone towards, should anyone move beyond the filthy/pitying/confused look, to ask why I am so repressed and retro...that is, if they don't ask hubby first, given I am so repressed and retro.

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