24 May 2010

Pentecost yesterday at OLOC

It was also an absolutely glorious afternoon, the sun couldn't have shone brighter, the church couldn't have been more cool and inviting.

Mass was said by Fr Ray Blake, who preached on the distinction between talents and gifts, and that everything we do in our lives should use, and not waste, the gifts we have been given by God. Many thanks to Fr Ray.

It was another lovely Low Mass. There is always so much to do at the Extraordinary Form, and none of it involves getting up from your pew or your knees, or even saying anything. I know, sounds weird doesn't it. There's always something to watch, something to pray. I know I go on about the peace, but whatever your mood, however happy or sad you feel, there is always joy and comfort in the silences, which aren't empty, they're brim full of hope and God. 

So to tea, where there was man talk about serving. Now, being a wee girlie, I'm quite glad to be well out of that side of things, but I do know that we need more servers. A lot more servers. And there's such a nice Sodality to join too now, so please, try and encourage anyone who you think might be persuaded (and anyone who might not actually, you never know you might get a pleasant surprise!) to consider having a go.

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