21 May 2010

A new all time low, if that's possible.

On Monday evening at 10.10pm, Channel 4 is going to broadcast an abortion ad by Marie Stopes International, the abortion promoter and provider.

It's an advertisement, and what are advertisements for? To get you to buy a product. So  Marie Stopes want girls and women to buy their abortions from them. Isn't that just horrible? What next? Ads for euthanasia clinics in the middle of Big Brother?

'What can I do????' I hear you cry, appalled!

Well you can WRITE TO YOUR MP to tell the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport (yes, you read that correctly, culture, media and sport!) to make sure it never gets aired, email is by far the quickest way to do it given the ad's scheduled for Monday, but I like to back up emails with snail mail whatever.

You can google your MP easily, or better still, go here to SPUC for more details, and some ideas about the arguments you can put in your letters, other than the immediate 'gack!!' reaction which is perfectly normal but not very persuasive. There is a form you can use on the site, to save time, and even a search facility for your MP.

PS: Fr Ray has this link to a petition, so please sign that as well, thanks.

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Jane said...

Thanks Annie,
The info. about what to do is most helpful.

Prayers always,