11 May 2010

Sunday's Missa Cantata

It was a wonderful Mass on Sunday. The schola from Seaford sang, and Fr Hurley was the celebrant. Fr Hurley preached on the topic of heaven and hell, hell not being one of those things you often hear about from the pulpit. Yet, it was a very hopeful and far from demoralising sermon, focusing on love and repentance.

Socialising afterwards, yes, of course with a cup of tea (and some very nice cakes), it was great to see so much enthusiasm for the Old Rite in evidence, and so much hope that every parish or deanery will one day  soon offer the Extraordinary Form not extraordinarily, but as a matter of course.


david said...

Annie a real feeling of being lifted out of this world.A big amen to all you said.

Laura said...

Have you seen this blog?


Annie said...

I have now Laura! Look on the blog roll!