04 October 2009

Countdown to Arundel 2009

Yes, there's a week to go. I mentioned the Solemn Mass at Arundel Cathedral a while ago, and here's the reminder, Solemn Mass on Sunday 11 October at 3.00pm. Fr Finnegan is the celebrant.

There is no Mass at Our Lady of Consolation next Sunday, so please everyone, try and get to the Cathedral, even though I know it's one heck of a haul, not being situated in the most accessible spot if you're in the north and east of the Diocese. It'd be great to have a good turn out.

For drivers, here's a google map. Now the parking isn't special, but there is a pay and display in Mill Road, near the castle, and you might be lucky with on road parking.

See you there!


Laura said...

Wonderful - don't know if I can make it but I will try. Any chance of a picture of you so I could say hello?

Annie said...

Heh heh, afraid I don't do pictures, but I'm short, and I've got curly hair if that's a help :D

I'll be there very early and be one of the last to leave as DH is on the serving crew. I'll probably be hanging around outside afterwards waiting, so I do hope you can make it, cos I'd like to say hello too!

Laura said...

OK - I'll try to make it and look out for you.