05 October 2009

Leaving a comment

If anyone wants to leave a comment, but isn't too familiar with how to do it, here's a bit of help.

Click first on the word 'COMMENTS' at the bottom of the relevant post, don't click on the envelope, that's for email.

If you are looking at a specific post rather than the blog in general, follow the link below the post that says 'Post a Comment'.

Once you've clicked on 'COMMENTS' or 'Post a Comment', a combox should appear on your screen. If there are already comments, scroll to the bottom, or click on the link at the top that says 'jump to comment form' to get to where you type the message.

When you've had your say, you are required to type a series of seriously random letters into a 'WORD VERIFICATION ' box to prove you're not a robot.

Then it's time to 'choose an identity'.

The simplest way to continue, is to click on 'Name/URL'.

Type your name (or pseudonym if you're shy or hiding) in the 'Name' box and IGNORE the 'URL' box, it's optional.

Then you can 'PREVIEW' your comment if you want to.

If you're happy, click 'PUBLISH' and it'll end up ready for me to read in comment moderation, and I can put it up when I've read it.

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