28 September 2009

St Thérèse

It struck me as I read another snide comment about the visit of the relics of one of my most beloved saints to this country, how utterly skewed society is.

If I -or anyone else for that matter- was going to New York to place candles on the spot where John Lennon was shot, no one would turn a hair.

If I made a pilgrimage to Gracelands dressed as Elvis, I might get a few peculiar looks, but people would in the main, I expect, indulge me.

If I wore sack cloth because Michael Jackson is no more, wailed in agony over the death of Diana while lobbing bunches of flowers at her coffin as it passed by, it wouldn't be considered that odd by the media.

But because people are turning out to be close to the relics of a nun who didn't make a bean, make a record, divorce anyone in the royal family, or do anything really except *be*, and try to find a path to God in the small hidden things, that's somehow medieval, lacking in psychological balance, or even just downright dodgy.

Funny old world, isn't it.


Jane said...

Annie, truly this is a most excellent post. I beg you to send it as a letter to the editors of our four so-called 'quality newspapers'. If none of them has the guts or honesty to publish it, then we can blast the fact all over the Internet. And whilst we wait we can pray that one of them will behave fairly.

As Mrs Doyle used to say, 'Go on! Go on! I'm with you and will back you all the way.

Rather a sad old world, I think.

God bless,

Annie said...

That's very kind Jane!
You think I should? Bet if I did it'd go straight into trash, lol! But I think I'll have a go :D *watch this space*...

Jane said...

Yes, Annie, have a go. Nothing to lose after all, and everything to gain whether they print or not. Let me know when you've sent it and their spaces will certainly be watched!

God bless!

Annie said...

Duly sent!