07 September 2009

Our Lady of Ransom

Well. There was me, expecting Mass to be celebrated here at the Lady altar:

And we end up here:

Which was just as well, as although I'd hoped for ten people at most to assist at the 3.00pm Mass yesterday afternoon if we were lucky (as it wasn't advertised on the parish newsletter) we had 40. 40, the same number as last week at St Mary Magdalene's! No way would we have all fitted in the Lady Chapel.

It was an absolutely beautiful Mass, so peaceful and prayerful you could hear a pin drop. Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith preached most forcefully on the Epistle and the Gospel, and this might sound a bit odd, but it was so refreshing to hear hell actually mentioned.

For the first time at OLR I was at the front with the DH (I like to lurk, usually by a pillar) and ok, this'll probably sound a bit odd too, but I was so struck by the fact that this was the Mass OLR was built for, and it seemed so right. I'd never seen the communion rails in proper use either, and it was fantastic to have somewhere to kneel properly for communion!

It was also a great relief that the glass covered trench with spotlights in it that usually illuminates the front of the new altar (tacky tacky tacky!) and which had been covered with carpet for this Mass, was actually load bearing.

I also liked the fact that there wasn't a polyester spark-in-the-dark vestment to be seen, but that might just be me.

Here is a view from the pew across to the Lady Chapel:

And another across to the Sacred Heart Chapel:

I'll put up some better photos another time, as I didn't take many yesterday because it was a bit busy. And naturally, after chatting for a while outside, we all went to the pub.

It was a fantastic afternoon, thanks to everyone who made it possible, to Fr Tim Hunting for allowing the Mass to take place, to Fr Alexander, and to Dominic Scarborough, server extraordinaire, and everyone who came, especially to all those who travelled to be there, and those there in spirit, prayers for you all!


Jane said...


I'm weeping with happiness. This is the example to set, and as you say it's what the church was built for, and with the patronage of OUR LADY OF RANSOM!!!! I had a suspicion something like this would happen and that she would bring enough people to send you all before her Son in the central tabernacle on the high altar.

Were there some OLR parishioners amongst the 40? I do hope so. God bless and strengthen you in this work.

Love and prayers,

Annie said...

Hi Jane!

Yes, there were parishioners from OLR, word somehow got round to people. I was just amazed at the numbers this Sunday and last. People were asking afterwards when the next one was going to be! Unfortunately, I can't answer that one as yet, but I'm much more hopeful now than I was before.

Wish you could have been there, and thanks so much for your support :)

Jane said...

My mother-in-law, who has not long left OLR parish and moved back to Ireland, phoned from there yesterday afternnon about an hour before the OLR Mass, and I was able to tell her about it. She was surprised and pleased.

Glad there were OLR parishioners present and that you had enquiries about the 'next one'.

As Julian of Norwich said, 'All shall be well. And all manner of thing shall be well.'

Love and God bless,


Annie said...

I received this comment, which I've been asked to put on the blog:

"Annie,We agree 100 per cent what a wonderful mass.Would we travel long distances for the new mass NO WAY.Keep up the good work.david and margaret."

Anonymous said...

We were there Annie (3 OLR parishioners)- thank you so much for organising it.xx

Annie said...

Oh hello 3 Our Lady of Ransomers!Any chance of you letting me know who you are? If you leave a 'not for publication' message, I can get back to you. The more people I know about, names and faces in the area, the more, er, 'wellie' there is to try and arrange another one.