08 September 2009

This coming Sunday, 13 September, OLOC, West Grinstead

I don't know, you wait yonks for a Low Mass, and like buses, 3 come along at once. Not that I'm complaining.

At 3 o'clock this Sunday, there is a Low Mass at OLOC.

Since the two masses in Bexhill and Eastbourne, it's brought home to me how much is possible with the good will of a few priests, those willing to allow their parish churches to be used even if it's not their 'thing', and those willing to say the EF. There's no reason why every parish in the country couldn't have a Low Mass at a reasonable time each Sunday. Failing that, at least one Mass per Deanery. If two parishes can manage congregations of 40 (and no, the same people weren't assisting at both for the cynics among you, although me and a couple of others obviously were!), at inconvenient times with very little publicity, what's that saying?

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