31 January 2014

Them again

I couldn't make the meeting Wednesday held at Our Lady of Ransom, Eastbourne by the irritating ACTA. Just as well as I hear from Linen on the Hedgerow that attendance at one of their meetings seems to sign you up as a supporter.

While I feel that ignoring them is what they deserve, as they come to subvert, it'd be a sin not to take them seriously, however risible their aims may be, and however much they attempt to reinvent the Protestant wheel.

So if they come to a parish near you, or God forbid, your own parish, write to the parish priest, register your consternation. I'm only a parishioner, I'm not a theologian, but I know when something is wrong and not of the Church, and runs counter to Church teaching. If you have any doubts about this, go over to Deacon Nick's blog, and read all about ACTA there. It's disturbing reading and can't be ignored.

Update: There was a mole in the meeting at OLR, have a look at Dominie's blog for the notes that were taken!

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