27 January 2014

ACTA Again

Not that I like to give them the oxygen of publicity, but I can't help it in this case. ACTA stand for things that aren't Catholic. I shan't repeat the sordid details here, Deacon Nick at Protect the Pope has done the mucky work, follow the link and see for yourself exactly what they stand for under the guise of that luvverly word 'dialogue'.

Ok, rant time from me. It's been a while, but the rage is upon me. Why do they want to change the Catholic Church? There is a perfectly good alternative for them and they wouldn't have to do anything particularly taxing other than pitch up at their nearest Anglican church next Sunday. They've already done the women priest thing, they're on the way to lady bishops, and they have no problem with remarriage and contraception. Sorted.

Will they leave, though? Will they ever, because it's much more fun confusing the waverers in the church, those who might be having a hard time living faithfully, giving them a softer option if only they'll break the rules. This is wantonly sowing discord, this is not working towards peace and unity. And the boring refrain is always that the 'spirit of Vatican II' (henceforth abbreviated to S of VII) hasn't been implemented. As someone said to me the other day, you'd think the S of VII was the fourth person of the Trinity. I've read the documents, quite frankly they're rather dull, and I've never managed to find in them any of the stuff the S of VII-ers have got out.

The kind of spirits this kind of thing can lead to.

The bottom line has to be if you don't like the rules, leave.  If you're a member of the golf club you expect to play by the rules, or you leave the golf club (not that I play, I'm with Mark Twain when it comes to golf). There's nothing to actually 'dialogue' about.

The S of VII mantra is so dull. But this is not something you can ignore, however stale the ACTA arguments are, and however boring it is repeating yourself, because it is a danger to souls. This isn't an overstatement; they are peddling discord and the losers are going to be those poor souls who haven't had enough proper solid catechesis in their formative years to know what's going on.


Anonymous said...

Brava! Very well put. This post should have a much wider readership than here...... such as every parish bulletin in the country

Annie said...

Thanks Anon. Feel free to spread my irritation about this far and wide!

MC Man said...

What is ACTA?

Annie said...

If you click on the Deacon Nick link in the post or on the sidebar you'll find out all you need to know, MC.