25 January 2014

ACTA in Eastbourne

ACTA is holding a meeting at Our Lady of Ransom Church, Eastbourne, on 29th January, between 11 am and 2 pm.

Please email ransomagnes@sky.com to complain, and ask for a read receipt. 

It doesn't matter if you are not in the parish or deanery, this affects all Catholics, wherever you may be.


david said...

Why is call me Kieran allowing this to go ahead.Donr be silly what a stupid question.

Anonymous said...

Does he know?

Annie said...

Apparently the Bishop has met with ACTA and has given permission for meetings in the Diocese.

Anneli said...

Thank you for this alert, Annie. Thanks to it, parishioners of Horsham have duly contacted the PP of Eastbourne who happens to be an old parish priest of ours. It seems that the priest in question allowed the meeting to go ahead as he knew little about ACTA... hopefully the objections raised, thanks to publicity by people such as yourself, will enlighten him and others who may be misled by the group's vague mission statement. More worrying is that we were also told Bishop Kieran has met ACTA and given them permission to meet. Discouraging doesn't begin to describe it!