25 March 2013

Holy Week

This is the best time of year without a doubt, and there is no better way to begin Holy Week than with Confession.

I'm not a great fan of the reconciliation service, which is de rigeuer in my neck of the woods. I know we're all supposed really enjoy the old gather and share, but I prefer something a bit less public. I can't see that being in a large crowd of people and having to wait rather a long time, listening to taize chants whether you want to or not, is really going to encourage anyone who hasn't been for a while to overcome their trepidation and sit on that chair in full view and audibility of everyone else. And of course the queues for the confessional (just the one now, you understand) are the longest. Call me old fashioned, but there's nothing nicer than a discreet confessional, and regular slots available for confession, and a proper absolution. So it was lucky that there was a Latin Mass in Lewes and the opportunity to do it the old fashioned way on Saturday. Now I can enjoy the rest of Holy Week and Easter, without having to worry!

 In other news, I have been awarded an award by Mulier Fortis herself. Yes, it's the Liebster Award. It involves answering a series of questions, and posing questions for the blogs you then tag. So, have a look at Mac's blog, and I'll get my lists done and post here when they're complete. Now who shall I tag...will there be anyone left by the time I get round to it??

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