25 March 2013

A response to the Liebster Award.

As I like to get ahead and strike while any iron is hot, I cracked on with the instructions which accompanied the reception of the award over a cup of tea, warming up after the dog walk. I thought they might be a bit arduous, but they weren't. So, as per Mac's instructions, here goes *ahem* :

I would like to thank Mulier Fortis for this award.

Eleven  *fun* facts about myself. The *fun* bit is debatable. But I can vouch for them as facts. In no particular order:
1. I really like gloves.
2. I will never go shopping unless it’s absolutely unavoidable. Shopping is not fun.
3. Won’t watch a chick flick or bromance movie unless guaranteed to be a laugh for all the wrong reasons.
4. Invariably come out as Spock when doing the ‘which Star Trek character are you’ quizzes. Make of that what you will.
5. I quilt. And embroider.
6. Mine’s a vodka and tonic.
7. Do not like board games.
8. Thanks God for the gift of the internet.
9. Is allergic to cats. No, really, I am, wheezing, rashes, everything.
10. I am not allergic to dogs.
11. Baking, I like baking.

Part Deux , the questions Mac asked:
1. What inspired the title of your blog?
No inspiration was thankfully required, it’s descriptive.

2.Why did you start to blog?
To spread the word about the wonder and beauty and timelessness of the Latin Mass, to which I am extraordinarily attached, and to show the work of the Latin Mass Society.

3.What is your personal favourite post on your blog?
I don’t really have one. I quite enjoy writing the rants though.

4.What has been the most popular (most viewed) post on your blog?
One about the appalling attitude in this country to anyone having children.

5.Which post on your blog has attracted most comments?
One about an EF in Bexhill. You'll have to trust me on that.

6.What other hobbies or interests (beyond blogging) are you prepared to admit to?

7.What has been your closest brush with death?
I have to choose just the one?

8.Where is your favourite place of pilgrimage, and why?
Walsingham, because it feels like home.

9.Who is your favourite spiritual author, and why?
You’ll have to have three. St Therese, because of her beautiful Little Way. Julian of Norwich, because she is a wonderful read, and Pope Benedict.

10.Have you ever experienced a miracle?
11.Which of these questions did you find it most difficult to answer

All the personal ones!

Part Three...

...I have questions, and here are some bloggers I would like to Liebster Award:

The Beaker Folk of Husborne Crawley
Hilaire Belloc Blog

And here are your questions:

1.      Why did you start blogging?

2.      What maintains your blogging motivation?

3.      Are you easily inspired?

4.      Have you ever received a comment on the blog that made it all worthwhile?

5.      Name your favourite poem and give your reasons for choosing it.

6.      Have you ever engaged in talking like a pirate on Talk Like A Pirate Day?

7.      Where is you favourite place in the world?

8.      Who is your greatest spiritual influence?

9.      If you had to recommend one book, what would it be?

10.   Singing in the bath, yes or no?

11.   Kirk or Spock?