14 March 2013

Habemus papam! And St Francis was no hippy

Yesterday, I was glued to EWTN. So much so that the roast kind of got forgotten and everything else got cold. But that's what the microwave's for isn't it, the reheated meal.

After we had toasted the new Pope, this time in left over Xmas vodka (well there was no wine in the house, it is Lent), it was time for the *other* news providers. I always say that I shall eschew and ignore the secular media, but I sometimes can't. Mea culpa. I do like to see what the enemy's up to. Sometimes.

It was as iffy as usual. They found the usual soundbite Catholics to extrapolate the secular party line of same sex marriage etc etc from, made the usual trite modernisation comments and of course, this new Pope is going to be a mover and a shaker, he's a Jesuit, he'll change things, he's from South America, he's taken the name Francis, Francis, friend of mother earth and all creatures, cool!

So...he'll have a special ministry to wine turbines? Have they ever read about St Francis? He wasn't exactly PC. Neither were any of the other saints named Francis. And neither, I suspect, will Pope Francis be.

I thought it really most amusing when they emphasised the fact that our new Holy Father took the bus to work and cooked his own meals.

Benedict XVI used to use a bike I believe before he was elected, but that didn't get any air time then or since.

I can't wait to see the headlines in the next few weeks though. Just as Pope Benedict XVI was a 'nazi' Pope, we'll probably see Pope Francis dubbed the 'junta' Pope. And don't mention the Falklands.

Plus ca change...

However, all that present and pending press silliness aside, I am so happy to have a new Holy Father!

God bless Pope Francis!


david said...

I hope it is not a return to polyester and happy clappy services and just pray the Holy Father says a public EF Mass.

Annie said...

It's sadly not like spark in the dark polyester and happy clappy ever went away though is it? It's still thriving with the over sixties where I am.

I'm certainly praying that *a* Holy Father will say the Latin Mass, and in public, but won't be holding my breath...