21 November 2011

Saturday and Sunday

I was up in the metropolis on Saturday for the reps meeting, and the Requiem in Westminster Cathedral.  The Mass was as moving as ever. There's nothing quite like a Requiem to bring home to you how the living and the dead remain dependent upon one another. Trying to explain this feeling of interconnectedness in words is almost impossible, I find, but it is something you can't help but understand at a Requiem.

So spoilt entirely this weekend with two Masses in a row, Mass at St Thomas More, Seaford, was celebrated by Fr Bruno Witchalls. He preached on the three essentials for staying true to the Faith when all about you is confusion.

The first is devotion to Our Lady, our Mother in Heaven.

The second, love for and fidelity to the Pope, the successor of St Peter.

The third, devotion to the Eucharist.

All in all a very good weekend.

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