28 November 2011


I love Advent. I just love it. I love the waiting, the preparation, the anticipation, the excitement. And of course, the solemnity of purple. The crib is up and ready (it takes over the whole sideboard even though it's not particularly big, because the sheep have to spread out), and the star is hanging above it. The Advent wreath is gloriously upstanding in pride of place on the dining table, and the calendars are waiting to be opened. No, they aren't chocolate ones. Although one day, some enterprising calendar producer is going to twig that it might be nice to have the right number of days on one, and not always start on 1st December, but that's a minor quibble.

Have a happy and holy Advent everyone!


mikesview said...

Thanks for that, Annie, and many of 'em to you and yours.
Vere Christus natus est.
P.s., I think, like me, you also like fiddling about with candles. Tee hee!

Annie said...