07 November 2011

Calendars, calendars, who wants a calendar?

Tired of boring calendars?

Need to know which Sunday you're on for the EF Mass because your local parish runs on a different set of Sunday readings?

Like to have feast days clearly visible AND have space to write the dentist appointment and reminder for the dog's flea treatment?

Then look no further.

The 2012 LMS Calendar is now available from the LMS website! Click HERE for details.

You can also obtain an Ordo for 2012, by clicking HERE for details.


Bernadette said...

Hi Annie,
What is the parking like for St. Mary Magdalen's Brighton if we were to drive there? Thanks very much.

Annie said...

Hi Bernadette :)

There is a school playground which is used as a car park, next to the church, for Masses at St MM's, Brighton...though obviously not in school time!

Bernadette said...

Excellent! Thanks very much :)