06 November 2010

Very exciting news from Bognor Regis

Fr Jonathan Martin just sent me this snippet from the parish newsletter regarding future EFs at Our Lady of Sorrows:

"The Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite

On 7th July, 2007, Pope Benedict XVI issued a document entitled Summorum Pontificum, the effect of which was to enable far wider use of the traditional liturgy of the Church, as set out by the Council of Trent and celebrated until the reforms of the Second Vatican Council. The Pope’s initiative was, as he himself wrote, “the fruit of much reflection, numerous consultations and prayer”. The Pope has asked us to be generous in our response to this initiative. The Extraordinary Form of the Mass is now being celebrated in several of the Deaneries of our Diocese. Fr Terry Martin, for example, has recently introduced it on the first Saturday of every month in his parish of Horsham.

For an experimental period of six months, the Extraordinary Form of the Mass will be offered once a month in Our Lady of Sorrows. This will not affect the regular celebrations of the Ordinary Form of the Mass, which will continue as usual. There is a small group of parish servers who are currently learning how to assist at this form of the Mass and Fr Tony will celebrate the first of these at 12.30 on Sunday, 28th November. Thereafter, always at 12.30, there will be celebrations of the Extraordinary Form of the Mass on December 26th, January 1st, February 12th, March 13th, April 24th."


Gerontius said...

That was my Parish in 1946! Thank you again St Emilie. But still no hope in my current Parish!

Annie said...

Oh wow! :D

Let's trust St Emilie :) although patience has never been my strong point, lol!

And as the gallant Captain says in that great movie, Galaxy Quest "Never give up, never surrender!")

Anonymous said...

Annie this is indeed great news and Fr.Martin is encouraging the young servers to serve at these Masses in due course.This is the right step to take.

Annie said...

Anonymous, it is great news!

But could I ask people to put a name, a pseudonym, nickname, whatever on their posts? Please?