03 November 2010


...is the Requiem at Westminster. Hope to see you there!

Also, I've added a new link to the side bar, Will you mantilla with me? and their blog to the blog roll.

It's a really good, clearly presented site that encourages mantilla wearing/hair covering, not just at EFs, but at all Masses. I think it's a great site, have a look, be you male or female. As someone who took the plunge to cover up at all Masses (and has a stock of  head wear the DH can only marvel at), even wearing a woolly hat at an ordinary form Mass has taken on a real significance. I feel uncomfortable in church without anything on my head these days.

If you haven't tried covering up but would like to, and I know it's not easy sticking out like a sore thumb (I'm wearing the t-shirt) have a look at the site, take courage and blaze a trail!

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