10 November 2010

I've been thinking

It's something I do from time to time. I was watching one of my favourite movies. It's called Constantine. It's based on a comic book, Hellblazer. In the movie, Angela, a police officer and Catholic, tells John Constantine she doesn't believe in the devil. Constantine comes back with 'he believes in you.' Which is  a cheesy line, but a truthful one.

Then I was on youtube, and browsing through some Abp Sheen talks and found one on guess what? Yep, the devil. They're not an easy listen, but I thought, in this age where everyone is far too cool and thinks like the fashionable Angela before she sees the truth, I'd put them up here.


Surreycatholic said...

Good post Annie - Where are the chaps like this when you need them? (E.g., Bishop Schneider) Surreycatholic

Annie said...

I don't know, Surrey. It's not a very fashionable topic, is it?