25 April 2010

This and that.

In the Sunday Telegraph today is a piece about an apology to His Holiness. The puerile - and downright rude -  mockery is simply pathetic. Haven't un-civil servants got something better to be doing?

On a happier note, last night on EWTN was a Mass celebrated by Bishop Slattery for the fifth anniversary of Pope Benedict in Washington DC. It was beautiful. It was fabulous. The commentary was just right if you had no experience of the Old Rite, and I want a copy of the sermon! More of that please, EWTN!  New Liturgical Movement blog has stills and commentary, do have a look.

I'm also looking forward to the coverage of His Holiness in Turin in May.

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Gerontius said...

I tried to record the Mass but got my timings wrong - missed the sermon so cant let you have a copy!

Did you ever listen to the sermons of Fr Angelus Shaughnessy who used to celebrate some of EWTN's daily OF Masses? Quite excellent and the only priest I have heard who could make a 30 minute sermon seem like 10 minutes rather than the usual other way round!