22 April 2010


...for anyone in the Eastbourne Deanery and its environs.

Last September there was at EF at Our Lady of Ransom, Eastbourne. Some of you who attended were kind enough to leave messages in the combox, some anonymously. Now, there is the possibility we can have another if we can get parishioners from Our Lady of Ransom and the Deanery to contact me, as one already has, I can then have a go at sorting something out.

Parishioners willing to stick their necks out are absolutely essential, because I can't do this unless I know who you are. So, could you, or people you know who are interested, please message me again?
I shan't publish these messages, but your names and phone numbers (deleted after receipt) would be really helpful in getting things going. I know liking the EF's still a bit of a dirty secret, but so many of you said you liked it, and we can't repeat it unless you come forward.

Briefly, it works something like this:
You approach me, I try and find priest willing to say the EF, I go to the parish with your request only if you don't want to do it yourself, or feel you'd like some wellie, we get shoved from pillar to post for a good while, then it might happen. (Hey, just because we have the SP doesn't make it easy)

So, please, please, please don't be shy.

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Jane said...

At this distance, I can only offer fervent prayers, which I do right gladly.

With love alawys,