22 April 2010


Hello, here are a few dates for the diary:

First up:

There is the whisper of a hint of the possibility that there MIGHT be a Latin Mass at  St Mary Magdalene, Bexhill at 8:00am on Sunday 2nd May. This is NOT confirmed, but hey, with prayer all things are possible! So watch this space, as any confirmation will probably be fairly short notice. You know how things are.


This Sunday 25th April there is a Mass at OLOC West Grinstead, do try and make it, I know it's a haul to get there and there's no public transport, and it's the worst kind of time possible, but do make it if you can. I mean, I'm not into conspiracy theories, but anyone would think there was an entire campaign against the EF in our part of the world, what with priests willing, people willing but virtually no-one liberal enough to host one!


There is no A&B LMS pilgrimage to West Grinstead this May, in case you were wondering.


Fr Matthew Goddard FSSP is returning to the UK for his hols in July and there might be a High Mass or a Missa Cantata on Sunday 25th July, schola and all. More on that nearer the time!

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