18 March 2010

Sex Ed Petition...

...will be closing on 25th March, so if you haven't signed it already, please do so NOW! Click here and SIGN!

I know there's been a bit of hope on the horizon this week, regarding the victory in the High Court of our lone, truly Catholic adoption agency, but call me a cynic, I don't honestly believe that we have won the real right to educate our children as Catholics without reference to abortion provision.

So SIGN THE PETITION and let's make some noise.

PS what really bugs me is that you can withdraw your children from the 'classes' til they are 15, then you are no longer as parents allowed to. Your parental responsibility at that point disappears into the hands of the Government. Yet isn't it funny that you're expected to fork out for university fees and living costs until your offspring are 21 or so.

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