14 March 2010

Laetare Sunday - I'm on a high

That was just brilliant.

Got back from the 8.00am Mass at Bexhill on a cloud. It was so marvellous to be at a normal parish Mass, at a moderately normal time, at an EF that felt so well, normal, even appearing on the newsletter as normal.

Fr Bruno preached from the heart the most fantastic sermon on the importance of continuity. He reminded us of how the Holy Father in his Wednesday audiences has highlighted that we are still part of the long chain of Catholics who have had the Faith handed on to them from the Apostles. We are not a new church, we are part of the true church that traces its origins to Christ and the Disciples. The Old Mass is still part of that. Glad I was wearing waterproof mascara I can tell you. It was an outstanding apologetic. It was an outstandingly prayerful Mass.

This is what every parish should be able to offer, every week. If you can choose a said Mass, a folk Mass, a family Mass, you should be able to just as easily attend a latin Mass.

All of us who were present are praying that this will be the first of many. Many thanks to Father Bruno.

Like I said, it was utterly brilliant.


Fr Ray Blake said...

What an excellent priest Fr Bruno is, you are very blessed to have him.
I just thank God he is typical of so many young priests God is giving his Church.

Anonymous said...

Yes, he is indeed an excellent priest. When asked if he would come and offer the EF at our parish also, he replied that offering the Mass is what he does as he is a priest - or words to that effect. So encouraging.

It was just wonderful, indescribably wonderful, to be able to kneel to receive Our Lord in Holy Communion from a priest who prays for my soul. No dodging around in the queue to avoid dear old Mrs So-and-So who's become an extraordinary minister, no bending over like a giraffe to receive from Father who is at least a foot shorter than I am and is standing on the floor not the sanctuary step, no waiting for the pause while Father realises I am not going to receive in the hand - all of which distract me weekly from what is really happening. Please God we can have a regular EF Sunday Mass here one day.

Sorry Annie - having a rant on your blog! Should have put it on my own! Thanks so much for organising it.

Annie said...

Fr Ray, we are very blessed to have priests like Fr Bruno :D

It was lovely wasn't it, Elizabeth, not having to be so anxious at Communion. I absolutely loathe the queue, and when you genuflect before you receive, you invariably get trodden on by the person behind as well. It's really not ideal or conducive to concentration :(

So if anyone else reading this wants to experience the sublime, ask for it in your parish! You may have a wait, but the message will get home eventually. You won't ever get if you don't ask!