12 February 2013

It might have been utterly predictable...

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...but it's no less galling for that.

Yes, the media and Pope Benedict. Where would we be without the intelligent, factual, balanced, reporting of the last eighteen or so hours?

The wilful ignorance displayed (I'm assuming the ignorance is wilful, reporters are supposed to be fairly intelligent, aren't they?), the choicest anti-catholic catholics cherry picked for interview, it's all too predictable. Disgruntled ex nuns, someone called Odone, Kung the Destroyer, they're lined up, yawn.

I watched one interview where, as usual, the interviewer asked questions, ignored the answers following the usual agenda, and bashed on regardless. It's pathetic. All we need now are the prophecies of St Malachy to be given a good Dan Brown-ing on prime time news and we're sorted.

So, I'm giving up all secular telly news for Lent (the Biased Broadcasting Corporation was jettisoned some time ago). I don't yell at the internet news in quite the same way as I do at the TV, so I think I'm on safer ground there.

Here is an interesting Vortex report on the media and His Holiness:

On a much happier note, I am very much looking forward to the pancake feast this evening, and I've said it before, Lent. I love Lent.


david said...

Why do these people still call themselves Catholic and yet hate everything we stand for,they have a great choice of wacko sects to belong to.

Annie said...

David, the only reason I can think of is that in their heart of hearts, whether they recognise it or not, they know the Catholic faith holds the Truth, and something in them just won't let it go. They must surely realise that Truth can't be altered, however much they whine about it. It's like kids nagging for what they can't have from their parents. They know they can't have it, but it doesn't stop them having a good go. What a waste of time, effort, and energy.

Anonymous said...

Know exactly what you mean, Annie and totally agree. I saw some Biased broadcasting Corporation 'news' (i.e., leftie propaganda). The rent-a-liberal spokesperson lost no opportunity to bang on - irrelevantly - about aids/contraception in Africa, married priests, women priests, priestly scandals, HE hasn't done enough about this or that or whatever. They slipped up a bit by not mentioning how deeply implicated he is in the N. Korean nuclear caperings, the Euro crisis, the sinking of the Titanic and the Franco-Prussian war of 1870.
Yes, don't watch 'em; good idea.
Ignore them - I suspect they detest that.
Mike T