05 February 2013

All shall be well

I've been despondent about the potential loss of marriage as we know it in this country for a while now. Our Lady and St Michael have been appealed to rather more frequently than usual over the last weeks, and I was glad to see that E F Pastoremeritus posted the St Michael prayer. I can't recommend the St Michael prayer highly enough, it's one of my go-to prayers for most things.

Yesterday and this morning, though, I've been having a bit of a Julian of Norwich moment. All shall be well. We know what true marriage is, and we'll carry on regardless of what faddy popularity grabbing politicians tell us.

Thank you, Our Lady and St Michael.


Gerontius said...

Thank you Annie. I was not aware of this longer form prayer - will try to say it daily.

Fads have no lasting power against the permanent but, yes, this is a battle for souls as well as minds.

Anonymous said...

My favourite prayer too, Annie. Especially as a five or six year old, who thought my/his name being mentioned at Mass was awesome (that's the modern word, isn't it?) The link has some interesting items in it.
Mike Telford