16 September 2012

When my time comes...

...just for the record, I do not want to be waved to my final reward by a comforting lady (or man), possibly wearing a purple fluffy jumper, however duly commissioned and well-meaning, who celebrates my life in front of the gathered community.

I want a Requiem Mass (EF goes without saying), said by a Priest, with lots of black, where people pray for my immortal soul, because as God knows, I'll need it!

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pelerin said...

Exactly - me too! One commenter asked if Liverpool was expecting the Bubonic Plague. Living as we both do in South Coast towns known as 'God's waiting room' as far as I am aware Priests are still willing and able to celebrate Requiem Masses for their parishioners here.

I first heard about lay led funerals in France a few years back when a friend told me she had just been to one and when I expressed my surprise said that they were now common in France.

Your vision of the purple fluffy jumper - no thank you!!