22 September 2012

A little bit of sanity in a mad, mad, world.

Reading the news is always so depressing. Secular news, I mean. There's no end to the misery and complete twaddle peddled as news.

This, for instance, regarding the length of Her Majesty's vowels. Dame Helen Mirren thinks HM has got a bit common.

On the other hand, reading Catholic news can also be depressing, but in a slightly different way, and at least there's always some light at the end of the tunnel. When resignations happen in a place of Catholic (?) education, you know things might start to perk up, or at least become more honest, even if currently the situation's a bit of a dog's breakfast.

So it was such a tangible relief this week to read that Our Lord was actually, after all, married, yes, married (for a more nuanced reporting, see HERE,)

but more importantly, that He came from Leicester.

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