20 July 2012

Tom's Walk

Please have a look at Tom's web page (also to be found on the links on the side bar on the right) to see just how far Tom has got on his mammoth walk to the Eternal City! He's already got as far as Orleans, and overcome non-existent campsites, the weather, and blisters.

In fact, I've developed blisters and trench foot just thinking about it.

Please pray for him (and his family) while he's on this tremendous pilgrimage.

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Thomas said...

You may want to advertise that there is an EF Mass planned for 9.30 am tomorrow (28th July) at St. Peter's Shoreham - a priest from the FSSP is staying with Fr. Finnegan, so there will probably be more next week (though not Sunday or Monday). I apologise for the late notice.
In Domino per Mariam,

Thomas O'Sullivan