05 July 2012

Important News from Lewes

There will be no EF Masses at St Pancras on Saturday, 28 July and Saturday, 4 August. The Masses will be OF Latin, instead.

There will not be a 12.30 pm EF Mass on the first Sunday of August.

Normal service resumes from Saturday 11 August.

There will be an EF Low Mass at 8 pm for the Feast of the Assumption. 


Anonymous said...

Will there be an EF Mass anywhere else in Sussex on 28th July and 29th July?

Annie said...

Dear Anonymous,

I can't think of any on Saturday the 28th. To the best of my knowledge, as the 29th is a fifth Sunday, there are no EF Masses except the regular one in Brighton, details are on the sidebar.

If anyone knows of any, please let me know so I can advertise!